Picture of a Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint can in a high-traffic school setting

Some surfaces in your home inevitably get more wear and tear than others. Be it a tight stairwell, a side entryway, or a well-loved playroom, we all have a spot in our home that takes a beating! These highly frequented places deserve a paint finish that is both beautiful and durable. Combining the trademark quality of Benjamin Moore paints with an unbelievably durable finish, Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff-X is perfectly suited for any high-traffic area in your house. Read on to learn about the advantages, uses, and finish options of Scuff-X paint – as well as where you can find this top-tier specialty product.

What makes Benjamin Moore Scuff-X so durable?

Mudroom in Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130Mudroom in Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130

Unlike typical interior paint products, Benjamin Moore Scuff-X is engineered so stains don’t penetrate the film. This breakthrough, single-component paint offers superior durability and better scuff resistance than traditional high-performance two-component coatings – without the pre-mixing, short pot-life, and application difficulties related to similar products.

Even more durable than Benjamin Moore AURA, which boasts excellent washability, Scuff-X is the ultimate scuff and scrub-resistant interior paint. It’s designed for all the places in your home that experience high foot traffic – from stair risers to kids’ rooms. The Scuff-X formula is so effective that it’s even recommended for commercial spaces like hotel lobbies and gym locker rooms. 

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Sheens

Picture of the four Scuff-X paint finish options: matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss

Scuff-X acrylic paint is available in matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finishes. While best practices and uses for each of these finishes still apply to Scuff-X, it’s important for homeowners to know that this unique formula results in a glossier finish than other Benjamin Moore interior paints. An eggshell Scuff-X finish, for example, would be similar to a satin finish in a different paint product.


Flat or matte paint hides blemishes well, creating a smooth, minimalist finish. Matte paint isn’t traditionally recommended for high-traffic areas because most matte paint products create a coating that isn’t easy to wash. But Scuff-X in a matte finish creates a coating with minimal shine – while remaining scrubbable and stain-resistant.


An eggshell sheen is an extremely popular finish recommended for use throughout your home. This finish option creates a slight glow that enhances the richness of your color choice, but it’s more forgiving than a glossy finish and allows for easy touch-ups.


Popular for foyers, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and trim, satin paint is a low-gloss option that adds rich definition. It’s also naturally more washable than most matte or eggshell finishes. Scuff-X takes the natural washability of glossier paint to the next level with a product you can trust to hold up under frequent wear and tear.


Semi-gloss paint creates a noticeably glossy finish, ideal for highlighting millwork, trim, and doors. It also adds drama to living spaces with rich colors. Just remember that while glossy paint beautifully highlights features like molding and decorative carvings, it will also draw attention to surface imperfections. Surfaces will need to be thoroughly prepared before being painted with a semi-gloss finish, and careful application is necessary to avoid visible lap marks. 

The semi-gloss Scuff-X finish exclusively features Chip-Tech® chip-resistant technology. This proprietary formula is engineered to withstand the glancing blows and irregular hits that trim and baseboards are apt to receive. 

Best Places to Use Benjamin Moore Scuff-X

Scuff-X is a versatile interior paint intended for use on primed or previously painted drywall, plaster, wood, metal, and wallpapered surfaces. With low-VOCs and rich paint color options, Scuff-X makes a beautiful interior wall paint that resists blemishes with minimal maintenance. Or use Scuff-X on doors and trim for ultra-durable surfaces that will hold up to paw marks, soccer ball scuffs, and the worst wear and tear. Read on to learn about a few of the best applications for Benjamin Moore Scuff-X.

Hallways and Stairwells

Stairwell in Benjamin Moore Plum Martini and Stoneware CSP-245Stairwell in Benjamin Moore Plum Martini and Stoneware CSP-245

As transitional spaces, hallways and stairwells are particularly prone to scuff marks and chipped paint. Scuff-X provides a durable coating to withstand daily foot traffic. And since it’s available in any of the 3,500+ Benjamin Moore colors, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for practicality when you apply Scuff-X to these often-used spaces.

Laundry Rooms and Kids’ Rooms

Playroom in Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55 and Raspberry Blush 2008-30Playroom in Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55 and Raspberry Blush 2008-30

The washability of Benjamin Moore Scuff-X is ideal for rooms you anticipate needing to wipe down – such as laundry rooms, mudrooms, and playrooms. While most interior paints will need to be applied in a glossy sheen to have truly washable qualities, each of Scuff-X’s four finishes boast not only washability but scrub resistance for the toughest marks. No need to wait until kids are older to plan your interior home makeover – choose your favorite paint colors in Benjamin Moore Scuff-X and enjoy the results for years to come!

Doors and Trim

Door and entryway in Benjamin Moore Antique PewterDoor and entryway in Benjamin Moore Antique Pewter

The durable coating created by Benjamin Moore Scuff-X performs beautifully on doors and trim, not just interior walls. And if you choose a classic semi-gloss finish for woodwork, remember that Scuff-X semi-gloss paint comes with patented Chip-Tech® chip-resistant technology for a long-lasting finish. You won’t be re-doing this project any time soon!

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X vs. Benjamin Moore ADVANCE

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE is a high-performing trim, cabinet, and door paint that cures to a washable, furniture-quality finish. ADVANCE creates a more premium finish than Benjamin Moore Scuff-X and performs better on cabinets in particular. But ADVANCE also has a much higher dry time (16 hours) and it doesn’t resist scuff marks as effectively. With a 3 or 4-hour dry time, Scuff-X is a better product for painting doors and trim on a time crunch – or if these surfaces need superior protection against wear and tear.

graphic comparing Benjamin Moore Scuff-X vs. Benjamin Moore ADVANCE

Advantages of Benjamin Moore Scuff-X

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X offers homeowners a unique combination of features for both convenient application and high performance. This revolutionary product will make sure the most frequented spaces in your home receive a long-lasting finish you are sure to love. 

Scuff and Scrub-Resistance

The most distinctive feature of Scuff-X is its patented scuff-resistant technology engineered for high-traffic surfaces. Maintenance and re-painting are kept to a minimum with this tough coating that performs well in both residential and commercial spaces.

Illustration of how Scuff-X compares to other leading brands after scuffing and scrubbing

Antimicrobial Additives

Scuff-X effectively resists mold and mildew, so it performs well in higher humidity environments like kitchens and laundry rooms. Benjamin Moore AURA Bath & Spa provides ultimate moisture resistance for spaces like humid bathrooms, but antimicrobial additives make Scuff-X a great choice for rooms with some moisture exposure.

Chip-Resistance (semi-gloss)

Scuff-X paint in a semi-gloss sheen features proprietary Chip-Tech® chip-resistant technology.  Semi-gloss Scuff-X is ideal for trim, baseboards, and other surfaces that are prone to actual paint damage in addition to scuffing.

Quick Dry Time

Scuff-X boasts an incredibly fast dry time compared to other interior paints. You can touch up Scuff-X paint after 1 hour and re-coat as quickly as 2 hours, depending on the sheen and painting conditions. This feature is particularly helpful when painting high-traffic areas that can’t be blocked off for long, such as stairways or entryways.

Available in 3,500+ Colors

Benjamin Moore offers an unrivaled collection of authentic paint colors loved by homeowners and paint professionals alike. Find Benjamin Moore Scuff-X in any of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500 color options to find the perfect fit for your home. And if you haven’t fully decided on the right color palette yet, order samples directly to your door through Ring’s End!

Order Benjamin Moore Scuff-X at Ring’s End

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X is a specialty paint product only carried by some Benjamin Moore dealers. You can find Scuff-X in-store at advanced dealers like Ring’s End – or place an order online for convenient delivery! And if you have any questions about the best paint product for a particular project, the paint pros at Ring’s End are here to help. Contact our team online or via text at (203) PRO-HELP for expert guidance on your home improvement project.


Benjamin Moore SCUFF-X

Scrub and scuff-resistant interior paint ideal for hallways, stairwells, mudrooms, playrooms, and other high-traffic areas. Available in any of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ authentic colors.

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