Benjamin Moore Command Review: Versatile Industrial Paint with Quick Return to Service

Corotech Command paint is a high-performing exterior/interior paint intended for a wide variety of industrial and residential applications. Contractors love this premium product from Benjamin Moore for its durable, multi-purpose coating that will have workspaces back in use in just 24 hours. Find everything you need to know about Benjamin Moore Command paint in this guide!

Where to Use Command Paint

Black Corotech Command paint being applied to a metal floor with a roller

Command paint is ideal for industrial and residential projects where minimal disruption is essential. It’s a popular product for facility maintenance and property management that’s used everywhere from factories to healthcare facilities. Command dries to touch in 15 minutes and is traffic-ready in 24 hours!

This incredibly versatile product can be used on almost any surface you can think of, including handrails, shelving, doors, floors, stairs, ramps, safety markers, curbs, cabinets, awnings, shutters, molding, and piping. While Command is a common choice for industrial applications, it’s also used for residential projects that require a durable paint product with ultra-fast dry time.

Benjamin Moore Command vs. Advance

Benjamin Moore Command and Advance share several recommended applications, including cabinets and millwork. So which is better?

Advance paint is the best cabinet paint due to its excellent leveling and ease of application. Advance creates a smooth, furniture-quality coating that just can’t be replicated by other products. However, this waterborne alkyd enamel paint demands a long dry time.

If a space needs to be back in use as soon as possible, Command is a great option for a hard, durable coating that will dry quickly. Just remember that this fast-drying paint must be applied carefully to avoid brush/roller marks.

Benjamin Moore Command Finishes & Colors

Command paint comes in satin or gloss sheens to accommodate a wide range of projects and substrates. Both finishes result in a highly durable coating that stands up to frequent use and exposure to the elements. Choose Command paint in any of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ colors for a rich finish that lasts!


Satin paint is a popular, low-gloss sheen that adds rich definition and creates a washable coating without a high level of shine. Although it’s more forgiving than gloss paint, remember that a satin finish still requires careful preparation and application to avoid highlighting surface imperfections, lap marks, or brush strokes. Command satin paint can be custom-ordered in any of Benjamin Moore’s authentic 3,500+ paint colors.  For detailed product specifications, see this data sheet for Command paint in Satin.


Benjamin Moore Command: Satin Finish

Find Command paint in a satin finish at Ring’s End. Order for pickup or choose convenient delivery to your door — we ship anywhere in the U.S.! 


Known for its mirror-like finish, a glossy sheen is extremely durable and easy to clean. Just remember that surfaces will need to be thoroughly prepared before being painted with a glossy finish, and careful application is necessary to avoid lap marks (this paint dries fast!) Command Gloss paint is available in any of Benjamin Moore’s authentic 3,500+ paint colors. For detailed product specifications, see this data sheet for Command paint in Gloss.


Benjamin Moore Command: Gloss Finish

Find Command paint in a gloss finish at Ring’s End. Order for pickup or choose convenient delivery to your door — we ship anywhere in the U.S.!

Standout Features of Command Paint

Command paint is a high-performing product that lives up to the Benjamin Moore name — featuring the richness of color and smooth leveling that contractors know and love about Benjamin Moore paints. The features that set Command paint apart are its versatility, durability, block resistance, and quick-drying formula that will have workspaces back up and running in no time.

Quick-Drying & Speedy Return to Service

Command paint redefines “quick dry,” drying to touch in just 15 minutes. The return to service time is 1 hour for vertical surfaces. When used as a floor paint, Benjamin Moore Command is foot and forklift traffic-ready in only 24 hours! Not only does Command paint ensure minimal disruption to a customer’s workspace, but it also increases profitability by helping contractors complete work within the project deadline.

Tack Free: 15 Minutes
Block-Resistant: 1 Hour
To Recoat: 1 Hour
Return to Service (vertical surfaces): 1 Hour 
Return to Service (horizontal surfaces): 24 Hours

Multi-Substrate Use

Benjamin Moore Command is the perfect solution for projects that involve multiple types of surfaces and both interior and exterior substrates. You can use Command paint on any of these substrates (and more) with professional results:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete/Masonry
  • Vinyl
  • Laminates
  • Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Ceramic Tile
  • PVC
  • Moulding
  • Millwork

Flexible Durability

Command paint offers superior abrasion resistance that isn’t just durable — it’s actually flexible! Command successfully resists cracking and peeling even when subjected to pressure and movement. This advanced feature is one of the reasons that Command is such a reliable product for industrial spaces that are likely to experience regular foot traffic and movement of products or machinery.

Block Resistance

It’s difficult to paint doors, windows, or cabinets on a time crunch — even if the finish looks dry, other paints can stick to themselves and become damaged if returned to service too quickly. Command paint’s advanced, tack-free formula creates a block-resistant coating within just 1 hour of application. This premium product ensures that doors, windows, cabinets, and other highly-used surfaces are back in operation quickly — with a lasting finish that won’t be in danger of sticking. Command paint helps keep your project running ahead of schedule and your customers impressed!

Order Command Paint Online or In-Store at Ring’s End

If your project requires a highly durable, versatile finish with quick turnaround, we’re confident you’ll love the way this paint performs. You can find Corotech Command paint in-store at Ring’s End or have it delivered anywhere in the U.S. And if you have any questions about using this product, feel free to talk to our team of Benjamin Moore paint experts online or via phone. We’ll be happy to help!


Benjamin Moore Command

Order Command paint in two finishes and any of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ authentic paint colors. Ring’s End ships Benjamin Moore paints anywhere in the U.S.!

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