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Need Cedar Timbers for an Upcoming Project?

Cedar lumber is a classic in home renovation trends and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular home construction and repair materials in America. As a type of softwood, Cedar can be harvested with long timber lengths and is prized for its straight grain and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Furthermore, Cedar timber is typically free from pitch and has a natural resistance to decay.

Cedar is light compared to many other kinds of wood like oak, has a low density to provide better insulation, and is easy to finish. Furthermore, Cedar timber beams possess fantastic stability, making Cedar one of the best wood types for dimensional lumber. The color of a given Cedar board can vary, adding more aesthetic versatility to this material.

If you want to purchase Cedar lumber or beams for your upcoming project, Ring’s End can help through delivery to your home or business.

Consider What You Need Cedar Lumber For

Before purchasing your Cedar lumber, consider what you need the timbers for. This way, you’ll buy the right lumber pieces and sizes for your job. Cedar can be used for decking boards, garden fencing, house structural support, flooring, sign creation, and more.

Dimensional Lumber

Cedar dimensional lumber is a common choice for building. Any type of dimensional lumber is would lumber simply cut down the predefined and standard sizes. It’s what construction workers refer to when they talk about a “2 x 4” or “2 x 8” board!

Furthermore, dimensional lumber pieces are smoothed or planed down (their rough surfaces are sanded away) to make them ready for immediate application. Cedar makes a fantastic dimensional lumber choice due to its durability, insulation, and structural stability. Special order some for your home or business project and you'll see for yourself.

Cedar Fencing

Many homeowners use Cedar for fencing material. Since Cedar has a long life and an elegant natural appearance, it’s a perfect choice for increasing the property value of your home or constructing a long-lasting fence to keep your backyard secure. Cedar lattice panels are one of the most popular fencing styles since they allow you to maintain some level of privacy while allowing wind circulation.

Cedar Siding

Cedar can also be used for siding. Siding with Cedar is smart since most good siding uses wood with low density and high thermal insulating value. Western Red Cedar in particular is the best thermal insulator you can find from the Native American softwood species. Windows, building exteriors, and other projects can all benefit from Cedar siding.

Western Red Cedar and Other Wood Species

Cedar hardwood, dimensional lumber, and more come in a few different species. Species can affect prices, width, and load weight for delivery.

  • Western Red Cedar – The most common and available species of Cedar on the market.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar – Another popular Cedar choice that is technically a species of Cypress wood.
  • Inland Red Cedar – An offshoot of Western Red Cedar that grows in slightly different locations.

Of all three types, people typically choose Western Red Cedar lumber for its excellent construction benefits. Not only is it beautiful, with a brown/red color that doesn’t seem to bleed like other types of lumber, but Western Red Cedar is also incredibly bug resistant, so there’s less of a chance of termites or other pests damaging a building.

Additionally, Western Red Cedar lumber is perfect for mixing with stains, paints, and sealers. This allows homeowners an unprecedented level of finish selection during a DIY decking or flooring project. All in all, Western Red Cedar is durable, lightweight, and very easy to work with.

A Note About Cedar Lumber Sizing Before Checkout

One key thing to remember is that Cedar lumber is oversized compared to lumber of other logged or salvaged wood species. For instance, 1x Cedar boards are typically harvested with thicknesses of 7/8”. 2x board sizes and higher are usually closer to full measurements.

For example, a Cedar board measuring 2 x 8 will be almost exactly 2” x 8”. On the other hand, 1x Cedar boards are usually available in increments from 2" up to 16".

Bottom line: check the sizing of Cedar timbers and boards carefully before purchasing to avoid accidentally buying the wrong sizes of lumber pieces.

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People also search for lattice panels, sheetrock, and hardwoods