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Buying the Right Lattice Panels for Your Needs

When purchasing lattice from Ring's End, we want to do all we can to make sure that you're informed about exactly what product is right for you. Take a look at our informative guide containing everything you need to know about lattice or visit one of our stores. Our associates are sure to help you with the high-quality customer service our patrons have come to know and love.

Lattice Panels Come in Several Materials

Consider the materials that lattice panels are available in before making a purchase. Different materials are suitable for different needs, price points, and more. Choosing the right material can help you save on your project, especially if you need a lot for your intended project.

It's also important to consider the durability of the material being used. Using a sturdier material leads to a longer life, and less chance of warping or damage over time. Different materials also lend themselves to different maintenance needs. Some materials need a lot of maintenance, and need to be replaced sooner, while others are maintenance free. Take this into consideration when picking your lattice.

Wood Lattice

Wood lattice panels are a classic and traditional choice. They are typically lightweight and affordable, and wood lattice is great for painting other colors or staining for a perfect finish. But not all wood lattice panels are pest-resistant and can degrade over time from exposure to the elements. If you're looking for wood lattice specifically, consider choosing one made from cedar, as it's naturally more resistant than other options.

Plastic Lattice

Plastic lattice panels are more durable but are still affordable. Plastic lattice panels typically come in crisscross or similar patterns and are available in a wide range of colors. They can be painted but not finished with a stain. These panels are resistant to pests and the weather.

Vinyl Lattice

Vinyl lattice panels are more durable than wood but may be more expensive depending on your color and style preferences. Vinyl lattice panels come in a wide range of styles, including crisscross, floral, and boardwalk designs.

PVC Lattice

PVC lattice or polyvinyl chloride lattice can be a great choice if you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting. These are resistant to the weather and pests and can be painted in a wide variety of colors.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Lattice

Consider Price per Lattice Panel

You can find lattice at many different price ranges. More affordable panels may be better for bigger jobs or for folks who are on a budget. Pricier panels may be manufactured with special methods, such as pressure treatments that provide additional durability.

A panel’s price can also be affected by its size. Larger panels are typically more expensive than smaller panels. Try to measure how much space you need to cover with your lattice before buying – it may be more or less economical to buy a lot of smaller panels or a few larger panels depending on your yard’s exact specifications.

Consider Lattice Panel Style, Color, and Size

Lastly, think carefully about the style, color, and size of your lattice panel before purchasing. Different styles can evoke different aesthetics and be more or less appropriate for different needs. For example, a lattice fence has panels that are suspended between posts. Most lattice fence panels have very small gaps to increase privacy, so they rely on certain lattice shapes that don’t leave a lot of open gaps for your neighbors to look into your backyard or see through to your porch. Other styles are less suitable for privacy but are very aesthetically pleasing.

Lattice panel colors can also affect the end result of your backyard or porch project. Some panels, due to their wood material, come in a beautiful color right off the bat. But it may still be wise to finish the wood with paint or apply a staining finish for protection.

You can, fortunately, paint most lattice materials in a variety of colors no matter what material they’re made of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Lattice Materials Provide Pest-Resistance?

Some lattice materials are better with pest resistance. Typically, wood panels are most susceptible to damage from termites and other insects. Vinyl, PVC, and other panels are better if your area has a lot of these bugs to worry about.

What Are Some Typical Uses for Lattice?

When you look for lattice, typically the intended use for them is in outdoor applications, such as climbing plants or porch skirting. Lattice can, however, be used more creatively inside the home on projects such as hanging boards and wall accents.

What Tools Do I Need to Install Lattice?

Typically, you'll need a circular saw to cut panels to the right size, a drill and screws to attach the lattice frame together using the correct sized hardware, as well as to attach the panels to the frame. Installation of lattice is a pretty easy task to take care of!

What Size Are Lattice Panels Normally?

Typically, lattice panels come in two standard sizes, 2 feet by 8 feet and 4 feet by 8 feet. Then, the product is cut down to the necessary size.

Order Online With Home Shipping or Ship to Store Options

Ready to make a selection? You can shop online at and have us ship your order to your home. We ship to many states, but be sure to check out our shipping policy before ordering. You can also pick up your lattice panel order at a retail store with our ship to store options.

Also, be sure to check out your local Ring's End location for prices, promotions, styles, and availability. From store to store, styles and availability may vary, but any member of our staff can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Once you've picked your product, they can assist you in having it ordered and shipped to the store or to your home, depending on your preference.

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