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Ring’s End carries siding that can be applied either vertically or horizontally, depending on your design and the desired effect of the siding. Most siding is made from wood, and cedar is the number one choice for low-maintenance and long life. Cement board siding is increasing in popularity as it resists rot, peeling, and insect infestation. We also carry full lines of wall preparation materials including newly engineered products like housewrap and rainscreen that protect against moisture and drafts.

Types of Siding


Ring’s End stocks cedar clapboards, or bevel siding, that are premium grade. In addition to different lengths, widths of 6 in. to 12 in. are available to create different exposures. The narrower exposures have a more traditional look, while wider widths lend more of a contemporary appearance. Ring's End also stocks 1/2" x 6" Boral TruExterior® siding in 16' lengths.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are the most common siding in the northeastern United States. Ring’s End stocks premium grade number one shingles in both red and white cedar in sizes from 16 in. to 24 in. Additionally some sizes are available as R&R (Rebutted and Rejoined). These shingles are cut square with parallel sides, making them easy and fast to install. Taller shingles with wider exposures need to be installed with backer board to ensure weatherproof coverage.


V-Joint Tongue & Groove

Installed vertically on the side of the house, V-Joint siding boards lock into their neighbors with a tongue and groove joint for a positive and stable joint. Ring’s End stocks both pine and cedar boards in a variety of grades. The more knotty grades lend a more rustic look to the siding.

Rough Sawn

Rough Sawn / Saw Textured wood vertical siding is also known as channel siding, because the boards are joined with an overlapping joint that leaves a square groove between the boards. The rough texture gives this siding a rustic look.



Cement Board

HardiePlank Cement Board Siding by James Hardie protects homes against the ravages of time and the elements. It resists rotting, fading, peeling and cracking, and it’s impervious to insects. HardiePlank comes with a 50-year limited transferable product warranty. Ring’s End stocks the product in Smooth and Cedarmill finishes; both are factory primed and ready to finish.


Texture 1-11

Texture 1-11, or “Tee-one-eleven” as it’s known in the industry, is a plywood product that looks a lot like channel rustic siding when installed. Ring’s End stocks this sheet product with the grooves either 4-in. on center or 8 in. on center.


Types of Wall Prep Materials

Felt Paper

For decades, felt paper or “tar paper” has been an industry standard for covering wall and roof sheathing before the finish materials go on. Felt paper sheds moisture, and installs easily. Ring’s End stocks rolls of both 15-lb. felt paper as well as 30-lb. felt paper.


In recent years housewrap has become the top choice for covering the walls of a house before the siding goes on. Its unique construction stops air infiltration while allowing moisture to pass through. Ring’s End stocks Dow Weathermate housewrap in rolls both 3-ft. and 9-ft. wide. The Weathermate Plus brand excels in the four core areas that builders demand in a housewrap: air resistance; water resistance; moisture vapor permeability; and durability. Ring's End also carries the complete Henry Blueskin VP™ system and 5' x 100' rolls of HydroGap® drainable housewrap.



Home Slicker by Benjamin Obdyke is a ventilating and self-draining rainscreen offering a thermal break and moisture protection for sidewalls. Its unique three-dimensional Nylon matrix provides a continuous space for drying, allowing moisture to escape quickly before it can cause sidewall damage.


Wall Sheathing refers to the large panels placed on the exterior of a building’s frame. It is over the top of these panels that you place insulation. Traditionally, wall sheathing panels are made of plywood, but newly engineered products on the market have some significant advantages over plywood. Talk to a Ring’s End sales representative to help determine which wall sheathing product best suits your construction needs.



Available in Stock

Premium Grade BEVEL SIDING
CLEAR V.G. RED CEDAR1/2" x 6"(126BS)3' - 20'
 1/2" x 8"(128BS)3' - 20'
 3/4" x 10"(3410BS)3' - 20'
 1/2" x 8"(128BS)3' - 20'
 3/4" x 12"(3412RB)3' - 20'
PRIMED V.G. CLEAR RED CEDAR1/2" x 6"(6PBSC)3' - 20'
 1/2" x 8"(8PBSC)3' - 20'
 1/2" x 8"(8PBSFJ)16'
V-Joint Tongue & Groove WOOD SIDING
#2 GRADE IDAHO PINE1" x 6"(162PV)6' - 16'
 1" x 8"(182PV)6' - 16'
 1" x 10"(1102PV)6' - 16'
 1" x 8"(18EPV)6' - 16'
 1" x 10"(110EPV)6' - 16'
RED CEDAR1" x 6" #3 Knotty(163CV)6' - 16'
 1" x 8" #3 Knotty(183CV)6' - 16'
 1" x 4" A & Better (sm/rgh)(14ACV)6' - 16'
 1" x 6" A & Better (sm/rgh)(16ACV)6' - 16'
 1" x 8" A & Better (sm/rgh)(18ACV)6' - 16'
 1" x 4" A & Better (tight jnt.)(14ACNV)6' - 16'
 1" x 6" A & Better (tight jnt.)(16ACNV)6' - 16'
Rough Sawn / Saw Textured WOOD SIDING
 1" x 8"(183CC)6' - 16'
 1" x 10"(1103CC)6' - 16'
EASTERN WHITE PINE1" x 6" Novelty Siding #106(16EPNS)6' - 16'
 1" x 8" Premium Channel(18PC)6' - 16'
 1" x 8" Standard Channel(18SPC)6' - 16'
 1" x 10" Premium Channel(110PC)6' - 16'
(*Niantic, and New Milford, only)1" x 6" #3 Knotty(163CV)6' - 16'
 1" x 12" Premium Square Edge*(112RP)6' - 16'
 1" x 4" A & Better (sm/rgh)(14ACV)6' - 16'
 1" x 8" Standard Ship-Lap(18SPS)6' - 16'
 1" x 8" A & Better (sm/rgh)(18ACV)6' - 16'
 1" x 12" Standard Square Edge(112RPS)6' - 16'
 2" x 8" Log Cabin Siding(28LOG)6' - 16'