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Benjamin Moore Latex Dry Fall, Flat


This fast dry interior latex is designed to provide superior hiding and allow for minimal surface preparation. The dry fall qualities of this product cause the overspray to settle as a dry powder in approximately 10 feet of fall.

For spray application to interior ceilings, walls and structural members in commercial and institutional buildings. Overspray dries to dust before reaching the floor. May be applied to galvanized metal.


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  • Overspray settles as dry powder (10 ft.)
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Super hiding
  • Fast dry for quick recoat
  • Not for high corrosion areas
  • Not for high abuse areas
  • Not for areas with very high humidity
More Information
Series/Sub-BrandLatex Dry Fall
BrandBenjamin Moore
Color FamilyTintable
Manufacturer Code395

Application: This product is best applied with airless spray equipment. Mix product thoroughly stirring before use. For best results, test dry fall distance and follow surface preparation instructions prior to applying product. Changes in application equipment, pressures and/or tip sizes may be required as a result of changes in ambient temperatures or conditions. Dry fall characteristics are dependent on the degree of air movement and will be adversely affected at temperatures below 70°F (21°C) and relative humidity greater than 50%. Reduction will adversely affect the dry fall characteristics of the product. Overspray may adhere to hot surfaces; protection of some equipment may be required.

Clean up: Soap and Water

Coverage: 250 – 425 sq. ft.

Dry Time: To Touch 30 Minutes – To Recoat 1 Hour

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