Windows do a lot more than letting in natural light. They can save energy, protect interior surfaces from UV damage, provide ventilation, and add to your home’s security… not to mention enhancing exterior architecture and interior space. Ring’s End Window & Door Showrooms present you with a host of beautiful window options, plus experienced window experts to help you choose the right windows for your home, lifestyle, and budget. We’ll also advise you on proper installation, the key to long-lasting window performance.

Installation Types

New Construction

New construction windows are used when a brand new home or addition is being built. The window can be nailed directly into the exposed studs. This type of window is also used when an existing window frame should be replaced because of damage.

Replacement / Insert

Replacement windows are measured to fit an existing window opening and will replace only the window itself. Because the surrounding wall does not need to be dismantled, using replacement windows can save time and labor costs.

Types of Windows

Double Hung

The double hung window has two moveable sashes that slide up and down to open or close the window. This classic style is especially popular in homes with traditional architecture. The shape, grill, size, and glass options are virtually limitless.


A casement window is hinged on one side to allow it to open outward with a hand crank or a push-out handle. This easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean window style is often found in modern and contemporary homes.

Bay and Bow

Bay windows traditionally are composed of a picture window flanked by angled smaller windows; bow windows feature a series of windows joined in a gentle curve. Both styles are often used to create a nook or seating area and to add architectural interest to the home.


The cranking awning window is hinged at the top, allowing it to be cranked open from the bottom with a hand crank mechanism. Awning windows also come with push-out handles instead of cranks. Awning windows let you easily control fresh-air circulation in your home.


Today’s window manufacturers can create windows in any size or shape you need: round, arched, demilune, trapezoid, hexagon, triangle… just about every geometric shape imaginable.


Skylights provide additional natural light while preserving privacy. They also can free up wall space, and increase ventilation. They are available with remote controls and light-modulating blinds; a new product is the solar-powered ‘Fresh Air’ skylight.

Storm and Screen

Storm windows keep your home warm in cold weather, increase energy efficiency, and reduce noise. Screen windows increase airflow during warmer weather while keeping out bugs and airborne debris. Combination storm and screen windows are also available.



A solid hardwood window is an elegant way to showcase attention to architectural detail and fine craftsmanship. Hardwoods such as cherry, mahogany, alder, and oak are readily available, as are paint-grade fir and pine or specialty hardwoods like black walnut, maple, and western red cedar. Fine woods are also available for the interior of clad windows.


Cladding refers to finishing a window’s exterior with a weather-resistant material such as aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. These materials can offer superior durability in harsh weather conditions while retaining architectural integrity, as today’s high-quality cladding comes in a wide variety of finishes.

Features of Windows


The most important consideration when choosing window glass is climate. Homes exposed to extreme weather may require extra insulating properties and low-emissivity coatings; those in coastal areas may need impact-resistant glass or tempered safety glass as well.

Specialty Glass/Glazes

Many beautiful specialty glasses and glazes are available, such as beveled, leaded, reeded, and tinted types and patterns. These glasses can add unique style to a home while increasing privacy and reducing glare.

Divided Lite

Manufacturers can equip windows with simulated divided lite options, such as permanent exterior grille and removable interior grille, and between-the-glass grilles for easier cleaning. Grilles come in a wide variety of patterns to match traditional and contemporary styles.

Colors and Finishes

Solid hardwood windows and windows with wood interiors can be finished in almost any wood stain. Windows can be ordered pre-finished or pre-painted in a wide variety of colors. ‘Bare wood’ windows should be stained or painted immediately after installation.


Screen technology has changed over the years to offer more transparency and airflow; retractable and roll-up screens offer more convenience. With the variety of mesh, frame, and finish options available, you can make sure your screened window is as beautiful as it is practical.

Shades, Blinds, & Window Treatments

Today’s windows can come equipped with easy maintenance, allergen-resistant ‘between-the-glass’ shades, blinds, and fabric panels. Ring’s End also offers Hunter Douglas and custom window treatments in our Décor and Design department.


Window hardware – such as sash locks, casement cranks, and sash lifts – comes in many stylish finishes. Options like antique nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed chrome let you coordinate window hardware with other finishes in your home’s interior.
How to Select Windows for your Home

Because the sheer number of window options can be overwhelming, the smartest way to select windows is to visit a Ring’s End Windows & Doors Showroom. Our professionals will help you evaluate factors such as weather-resistance, energy efficiency, ventilation, ease of use, and UV ray protection. They will also show you a complete range of style and finish options. Finally, they’ll explain the services that Ring’s End can offer, from delivery and installation to coordinated products like blinds, curtains, and custom moulding.

Ring’s End has sold thousands and thousands of windows in our 100+ year history. Putting customer satisfaction first, we stand behind our products and services even after your windows are installed.

If you need a replacement window, take careful measurements plus pictures of the damaged window or of other windows in your house similar to the one needing replacement.
If you need windows for a new build or a remodel, get a copy of the architect’s drawings and blueprints so you’ll know the type, style, and number of windows you’ll need.
Visit one of the Ring’s End Windows & Doors Showrooms.
Consult with a Ring’s End sales professional about the window options that will meet your needs, your style, and your budget.
Discuss whether using Ring’s End professional installation services are right for you.