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One Marvin. Many Possibilities.

The Marvin Brand

A family owned and operated company since 1912, The Marvin Brand has worked to design and build better ways of living by evolving their window and door products to meet the ever-growing needs and demands of architects, builders, and homeowners.  Made in America, Marvin’s three product collections: Signature™, Elevate™ and Essential™ work to provide the perfect solution for their customer’s unique needs.

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Marvin windows and doors are all custom made to each customer’s exacting specifications.  Marvin is dedicated to manufacturing aesthetically pleasing windows and doors of high performance and quality. Marvin windows and doors offers options for every style of home, including new construction and replacement projects.  The versatile collections can provide solutions for all types of architecture and work together to create a cohesive look.

Ring’s End is proud to be an authorized dealer of Marvin windows and doors and offers our customers the opportunity to experience Marvin Signature™, Elevate™ and Essential™ window and door products first hand in one of our nine showrooms. Our staff can provide you with the expertise and assistance you need in order to customize a solution for your project.  We can help you with your project from ideation to installation and are happy to service any Marvin window or door product, regardless of where it was purchased.

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Marvin Signature™ Collection

Formerly known as Marvin Windows and Doors

The Marvin Signature™ Collection features the largest range of product customization, with a wide array of sizes, configurations and design options to choose from, encompassing the thoughtful craftsmanship, innovation and beautiful aesthetics Marvin windows and doors have always delivered.  Featuring the Ultimate and Modern product lines, the Signature™ collection is a tribute to the Marvin Brand’s leadership in design and customer solutions.

Signature™ Ultimate

The Ultimate customization in windows and doors. The Signature™ Ultimate collection has the versatility to work in any style home from traditional to contemporary and the flexibility to provide design solutions in all types of architecture.

Signature™ Modern

Inspired by modern architecture, Marvin Modern™ was launched in 2019, to fit the growing trend of minimalist design and the desire of architects and builders.  It delivers the premium quality and customization of all Marvin windows and doors with the opportunity to maintain narrow and clean sightlines.

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