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Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac, Satin


HOLLANDLAC is a high-performance, marine-quality enamel, unequaled in its ability to provide maximum protection and depth of color. Now with an even higher sheen, New HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 Gloss Enamel possesses a mirror-like luminescence that may be used subtly or dramatically to create focus, space, and light. HOLLANDLAC Satin is a high-performance enamel paint with a sophisticated, understated sheen. The densely pigmented formulation of HOLLANDLAC provides superior coverage and hiding power. High concentrations of costly, color-fast pigments result in colors that resist fading. HOLLANDLAC White is virtually non-yellowing. However, even the highest quality white oil finishes will yellow in the constant absence of ultraviolet light; i.e., inside of a closet or in a room with little direct sunshine. (See EUROLUX for non-yellowing, gloss white). HOLLANDLAC's unique self-leveling and filling properties result in a finish that dries to a beautiful, durable, porcelain-like surface whether applied by brush or spray. Although all paints perform best when applied over an FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat, New HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 does not require primer when applied over clean, previously painted oil finishes in good condition. Surfaces previously painted with waterborne paint should be lightly sanded and primed with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat before receiving a HOLLANDLAC finish.

*This finish is suitable for use on exterior doors, trim, shutters, furniture, etc. when applied as a finish coat over two coats of HOLLANDLAC Brilliant Enamel in the same color. (NOTE: One coat of Brilliant enamel is adequate as a “sub-coat” in mild climates)*

As low as $60.00
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  • Oil-based enamel
  • Subtle, low-luster sheen
  • Used on wood, plaster, wallboard, metals, and plastic
  • Available in white, 10,000 FPE colors, and an unlimited number of custom-tinted colors
  • When painting metal surfaces, all corrosion and rust must be removed, then primed with appropriate FPE metal primer.

  • When painting new wooden surfaces, all knots must be sealed with shellac before priming to prevent bleeding.
More Information
Type Interior/Exterior
Brand Fine Paints of Europe
Finish Satin
Paint Sheen Satin
Manufacturer Code HLS

Application: Surfaces to be painted should be dry, free of dust, chalk, grease, rust, and all foreign material that would affect adhesion. Tools: Use a first-quality, clean, natural bristle brush. NEVER use a roller to apply this finish to high-profile areas as a slight stipple will be evident. New, unpainted surfaces and those previously painted with waterborne finishes: After surface preparation, apply one coat of appropriate FPE Primer/Undercoat, use FPE or ECO Primer for wood, Primer AC for ferrous metal, and Key Primer for non-ferrous metals and plastics. Primer coat should be sanded with 220 grit paper and tacked clean before receiving two thin, even coats of HOLLANDLAC. Allow each coat to dry overnight. For added durability, apply two primer coats before painting or a third finish coat. On surfaces previously painted with oil-based paint: Surfaces painted with an oil finish, which are sound and do not need significant preparation, may be painted without priming. Apply HOLLANDLAC following a light sanding and thorough cleaning to remove dust and foreign material. Painted surfaces that do require heavy sanding or scraping should be cleaned and then treated with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat. Then apply two thin coats of HOLLANDLAC. HOLLANDLAC should be stirred well before use and applied in thin, even coats. Under normal environmental conditions, this product requires no thinning. Do not apply on exterior work when the temperature is below 40˚F or above 90˚F, or if rain threatens. Work area should always be well-ventilated. 

Coverage: 2.5L/370 sqft

Clean up: FPE Mineral Spirits

Drying Time: 2 hours dust free 16 hours recoatable depending on humidity

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