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Fine Paints of Europe ECO Waterborne Paints, Satin


ECO is an exciting departure from the paint-making technology of the past. It is a durable, modern, water-thinnable coating, which combines the best features of both acrylic and alkyd formulations. ECO offers the ease of application, weather resistance, and easy clean-up associated with first-quality waterborne coatings while providing the enhanced adhesion, opacity, and beautiful finish associated with traditional solvent-borne paints of a classic oil-based finish.

Easily applied by homeowners or professionals, ECO glides on effortlessly and spreads quickly. ECO should be applied and left alone in order that it “self-level” and dry to a beautiful finish.

ECO releases 90% fewer VOCs than a conventional solvent-borne domestic coating and is environmentally friendly.

*When mildew is encountered, it must be removed thoroughly by washing with a mild bleach and TSP solution. It is imperative that all bleach residue be removed by rinsing with water. When painting metal surfaces, all corrosion and rust must be removed; prime with the appropriate FPE metal primer. When painting wooden surfaces, knots must be sealed with shellac to prevent bleeding before priming.*

As low as $75.00
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  • Interior and exterior woodwork and trim
  • Levels beautifully
  • Scrubbable
  • Quick drying
  • Available in white, 10,000 FPE colors, and an unlimited number of custom-tinted colors
More Information
Type Interior/Exterior
Brand Fine Paints of Europe
Finish Satin
Paint Sheen Satin
Material Water-Based
Manufacturer Code ECOS
Application: New, unpainted surfaces: After surface preparation (sanding, etc.) and cleaning, apply one coat ECO Primer/Undercoat or FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat. If painting exterior wood, moisture levels should not exceed 14%. Primer coat should be sanded with 220 grit paper. Then apply two generous, even coats of ECO. Apply the paint and then walk away. Do not overwork this finish. Sanding between top coats of ECO Satin with 220 to 320 grit paper is necessary for adhesion.

On surfaces previously painted: Surfaces previously painted with latex paint should be primed first prior to painting. Apply ECO following a light sanding and thorough cleaning to remove dust and foreign material. Painted surfaces that do require heavy sanding or scraping should be cleaned and then primed with ECO or FPE Oil Primer/ Undercoat before applying two generous coats of ECO. Apply the paint and then walk away. Do not overwork this paint – brush it on and walk away.

Coverage: 25L/420 sqft.

Clean up: Soap and Water

Dry Time: Dust free after 1 hour, Recoatable after 16 hours
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