Cedar Siding Shingles, #1 Grade R&R, 18 in.

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    Maibec Stave Lake
  • Shingle Type:
    Siding Shingle
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  • Cedar Siding Shingles, #1 Grade R&R, 18 in.

    by Maibec Stave Lake

    Wood shakes and shingles have been used for centuries as roof and sidewall material. Cedar is one of the most commonly used wood species to manufacture wood shakes and shingles. Since Maibec Stave Lake Cedar began in 1938, they’ve been committed to manufacturing the absolute best quality red cedar roofing and siding products. From the simple "Ranch" home to the elaborate "Shingle Style" mansion, shakes and shingles continue to be a mainstay in the design and building industry. Whether your home is covered in shingles, from top to bottom, or you'd like to use them as an accent piece, Ring's End offers many options. Stave Lake Certi-Grade, #1 R&Rs, are re-sawn and re-jointed to give them parallel edges and square butts. Specified as a sidewall shingle only, we stock Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar, with options in unfinished, primed, or pre-stained. No matter which you choose, these shingles are a beautiful, sustainable siding option.
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    Additional Information
  • Sidewall shingle
  • First growth tight grain
  • Clean sawn faces
  • Overall wide shingles
  • Consistent thickness and uniform appearance
  • These #1 Grade shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge grain
  • Special Order Factory Priming, Staining & Custom Colors available
  • Manufacturer's Warranty available - Warranty terms will vary between manufacturers
  • Application
    Coverage: 18" R&R siding shingle covers 50 sq. ft. at 7 in. exposure, no backer, or 100 sq. ft. when installed with a 14" exposure, double coverage, or with a shingle backer. 24" R&R siding shingle has a coverage listed as 33 sq. ft. at 10 in. exposure.
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