Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles, #1 Grade R&R, 18 in.

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    Stave Lake
  • Shingle Type:
    Siding Shingle
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles, #1 Grade R&R, 18 in.

    by Stave Lake

    CertiGrade ® Yellow Cedar Shingles. Yellow Cedar, also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Western Cypress, is popular due to its unique properties and appearance. Yellow cedar, which has a uniform pale yellow color when new, will weather to a light silver gray patina and is heavier and more dense than Western Red Cedar. R&Rs are machine retrimmed for parallel edges and with smooth butts sawn at right angles where a uniform appearance is desired, and are primarily used for sidewall applications. Special Order Factory Finish is available. Our stock 18" R&R Alaskan Yellow Cedar sidewall shingles are unfinished, ready for stain or prime/paint.
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    Additional Information
  • Sidewall shingle
  • First growth tight grain
  • Clean sawn faces
  • Overall wide shingles
  • Consistent thickness and uniform appearance
  • These #1 Grade shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge grain
  • Special Order Factory Priming, Staining & Custom Colors available
  • Manufacturer's Warranty available - Warranty terms will vary between manufacturers
  • Application
    Coverage: 18" R&R siding shingle covers 50 sq. ft. at 7 in. exposure, no backer, or 100 sq. ft. when installed with a 14" exposure, double coverage, or with a shingle backer. 24" R&R siding shingle has a coverage listed as 33 sq. ft. at 10 in. exposure.

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