Henry Blueskin Spray Prep, Aerosol, 15 oz.

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Henry Blueskin Spray Prep, Aerosol, 15 oz.

by Henry

HE572 - Blueskin Spray Prep - aerosol is used as a spray adhesive for self-adhesive membranes such as Blueskin@ SA, WP200 or RF200 when applied to masonry, concrete, wood, exterior grade gypsum board, DensGlass@ and metal surfaces. Blueskin@ Spray Prep is ideal where a very fast drying adhesive is required. Convenient spray can application eliminates the need for brushes or rollers. Three minute tack time. Designed for applications above -10 degrees F. Limitations: Solvent in product attacks polystyrene insulation. Avoid use where solvent odors may taint food or other susceptible products. - Henry Blueskin Spray Prep, Aerosol, 15 oz.
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Additional Information
  • Quick setting
  • Aggressive tack provides adhesion of membrane
  • Suitable for application at normal and low temperatures
  • Easily applied
  • Coverage 30 to 50 sq. ft. per can, depending on porosity and texture of surface
  • Application
    Shake can vigorously until ball rattles freely. Apply a uniform film to a clean, dry surface. Allow adhesive to tack up for 3
    minutes before applying Henry Blueskin@ Self-Adhesive Membrane. Apply a firm pressure to the membrane to ensure
    firm contact with the substrate. After spraying, turn can upside down, point nozzle into refuse can or at paper and push
    spray head for about 2 seconds to clear valve. For clean-up or if valve clogs, remove from can and clean in paint thinner
    or mineral spirits. Application Temperature: 10 degrees F to 104 degrees F
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