Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Translucent Classic Oil Finish Gallon

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  • Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Translucent Classic Oil Finish Gallon

    by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat is a premium quality translucent deck and siding stain that penetrates deeper into the wood to provide superior durability. Trans-Oxide pigments are ground into this weather tested resin to provide ultimate sun protection, abrasion and mildew resistance. It may be used over substrates previously stained with a transparent stain in good condition.


    • Provides protection and color without obscuring the grain or texture of the wood 
    • Provides mildew resistant coating 
    • Scuff resistant 
    • Formulated to penetrate, protect, and beautify wooden decking and furniture 
    • A water repellent coating 
    • May be applied to either soft or hardwoods
    Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 40 °F (4.4 °C). New pressure treated lumber must be allowed to dry out or have a moisture content below 12%. Do not apply at a rate less than 200 sq ft per Gallon.
    Coverage per Gallon is 200 – 350 sq. ft.
    Dry Time  – To Touch 6 - 8 Hours – To Recoat 24 - 48 Hours – Return to Service 5 – 7 Days.
    Surface Preparation:
    Optimal performance is achieved when the product is applied to a clean, dry and absorbent wood substrate. This product must be able to penetrate. New Wood: Smooth planed wood siding, trim, or deck boards must be sanded thoroughly or treated with Benjamin Moore Brighten, Brightener & Neutralizer (317) to break the “mill glaze” and allow proper penetration and adhesion. After prep is complete, test for penetration by applying a few drops of water to the dry substrate. If the water does not quickly penetrate, repeat prep.
    Weathered Wood: Prior to staining, weathered wood must be treated with Benjamin Moore Restore, for Gray & Weathered Wood (N316), following label directions, until a sound surface is obtained (loose or damaged wood fibers removed).
    Previously Stained Surfaces: This product can also be applied to surfaces previously stained with a transparent or semi-transparent stain that is weathered but is not flaking or peeling. Remove contaminants or chalky residue from weathered stained surfaces by washing with Benjamin Moore Clean, (N318) and allow to dry thoroughly. If the existing stain is flaking or peeling it should be removed prior to staining. Existing paint, stain or sealer can be removed by sanding or using Benjamin Moore Remove, Finish Remover (315).
    Un-weathered areas: such as eaves, ceilings, overhangs or protected wall areas must be washed with Benjamin Moore Clean, (N318) and rinsed with a strong stream from a garden hose to remove surface salts that can interfere with proper adhesion.
    Mildew: Stains from mildew must be removed by cleaning with Benjamin Moore Clean (N318) prior to coating the surface.
    Prior to finishing, ensure having enough product to complete an entire section. Stir thoroughly before and occasionally during use. Brushing is the preferred method of application. When applied by roller or spray, back brushing is recommended to ensure a uniform distribution. Apply as received in the container.
    Do not over apply, an excessive or uneven application will prolong the dry time and may result in sheen irregularity. To minimize lapping, always maintain a wet edge. On horizontal siding apply the stain on a section of 2 or 3 boards completely across the house. Lower the ladder and continue in the same manner until the side is completed. Vertical siding is coated using the same principle from top to bottom. Never stop staining in mid-wall; continue until a natural break is reached, such as a window. On decks apply stain only a few boards at a time keeping the leading edge “wet.”
    Refrain from applying this finish in the direct hot sun. Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 40 °F (4.4 °C), nor over damp surfaces or during threatening weather.
    If needed, a second thin coat of stain can be applied. Wait for the first coat to dry 24-48 hours before applying the second coat. Please note that multiple coats will affect the opacity of the final finish and obscure more of the natural color of the wood
    DANGER – Rags, steel wool or waste soaked with the product may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place rags, steel wool or waste in a sealed water-filled metal container.
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