1/2" Light Gypsum Sheetrock

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    National Gypsum Co
  • 1/2" Light Gypsum Sheetrock

    by National Gypsum Co

    Gold Bond® BRAND High Strength LITE® is a specialty gypsum board that is formulated to be 25% lighter than original 1/2" High Strength Gypsum Board. The result is a superior board that is lighter in weight, sag resistant and easier to handle.
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  • 25% lighter than original 1/2" High Strength Gypsum Board. Lighter weight results in easier handling.
  • Can be installed on ceilings 24" o.c. using a water-based texture and overlaid insulation.
  • Excellent working properties including improved score and snap, reduced dust and improved strength to weight ratio.
  • Excellent sag resistance. Test results show overall sag on tested assembly to be equivalent to 5/8" Type X gypsum board.
  • Application
    High Strength LITE can be used for walls and ceilings in non-fire rated single layer construction where framing members are spaced up to 24" o.c. Because it can be installed on both walls and ceilings, it eliminates the need for two different types of gypsum board on the job.

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