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ZipWall 12' 2 Pack ZipPole

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ZipWall 12 spring-loaded dust barrier poles are designed for the professional contractor. They are easy to use, easy to store, and a significant time saver! These poles are strong and lightweight, telescope up to 12 feet high and twist to lock. Each spring-loaded pole takes seconds to set up without a ladder. The innovative non-skid, non-marking head locks the barrier material, allowing it to be raised with the pole, and holds it securely in place without damaging the ceiling. A tight dust barrier can be set up in just a few minutes, one pole at a time, without ladders, tape, or damage. The ZipWall 12 poles are the prime ZipWall poles. Anodized aluminum construction makes them sturdier than stainless steel, smoother to raise and to lock, and the best foundation for ZipWall accessories like FoamRail tapeless seals. These poles are built for heavy use and their size is perfect for both residential and commercial jobs. A 20 foot anodized aluminum pole is also available. The 2-Pack is ideal for adding to your ZipWall Dust Barrier System. Two poles can also be used to close off a hallway or small room less than 10 feet wide
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  • Quick and easy barrier system, goes up with no marred ceilings or floors
  • Protects jobs from dust easily and cost efficient
  • Telescopic, twist lock Zip Wall poles topped with the patented spring-loaded Zip Wall jack, enables work area to be canvas tarp or drop cloth
  • SLP expands from 5'9" to 12' and are spring loaded
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Brand ZipWall
ZipWall controls dust and installs in minutes
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