Wall coverings can be as simple as drywall or as decorative as beaded paneling. Drywall and related wall covering sheets evolved about 100 years ago as an alternative to interior plastering. Two experienced workers can drywall an entire house in a day or two, as opposed to the week or more it would take to apply plaster to interior walls. Basically, drywall is made from gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper, then kiln-dried. Some panels use fiberglass instead of paper or alter materials to increase moisture resistance, fire retardation, and sound blockage. Ring’s End carries many different kinds of these wall sheet covering products, as well as a full array of drywalling tools. Besides drywall, the next most common wall and ceiling covering is wood paneling. Ring’s End carries many different types of paneling for wainscoting or for covering entire walls and ceilings.

Types of Wall Covering Sheets


Drywall, also known as gypsum board or Sheetrock™, is the most common wall and ceiling cover material in this country. It installs easily and it takes paint really well. Ring’s End stocks different thicknesses as well as different lengths. Additionally, Ring’s End carries fire-code drywall as well as drywall that is mold and mildew resistant for installations such as bathrooms and basements, where moisture can be an issue.

Cement Board

Used primarily as underlayment or backer board for ceramic tile, cement board provides the best adhering surface for both the mortar and mastic used in tile setting. Ring’s End offers different choices for cement board, including a flexible version for curved surfaces such as columns or curved walls: Gold Bond PermaBase by National Gypsum, HardieBacker by James Hardie, and Gold Bond PermaBase Flex by National Gypsum.

Sound Dampening / Insulating Panels

The Homasote company makes a wide range of sheet goods for interior finishing. Ring’s End stocks two of those products: 440 Sound Barrier which is made from cellulose fiber, has sound dampening qualities, and resists moisture, mildew and insects. It also insulates with twice the R-Value of wood. NovaCork is a finished layer of cork laminated to Homasote’s 440 board. It has the same qualities as the 440 board, but with the beautiful finished look of cork on one side.

Sanitary Wall Panels

This sheet product is made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic and is for use on walls and ceilings where a sanitary surface is needed. Ring’s End stocks Sequentia StructoGlas panels in white with a pebble surface and also carries mouldings to match.

Types of Wall Paneling


Beadboard is the name given paneling with a beaded decorative profile milled onto each edge. Ring’s End stocks beadboard as both wood strips and as MDF sheets.

Solid Wood

Ring’s End stocks solid wood paneling in three different woods and in different edge treatments. V-Joint boards have tongue and groove mating edges that leave a Vee when boards are joined together. Channel boards have simple overlapping edges that leave a square groove or channel when the boards are joined. Solid wood paneling is also available in widths from 4 to 12 inches, depending on the edge treatment.

Cedar Closet Lining

Aromatic cedar has long been touted for its ability to resist and repel common household pests such as moths, roaches and silverfish. Ring’s End lets you turn your closet into a cedar chest with cedar closet lining. Choose either tongue and groove boards or 4’x8’ cedar panels to line your closet. These products should not be sealed or varnished.