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Trus Joist TimberStrand LSL Studs

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Framing solutions made from TimberStrand LSL allows you to leverage all the benefits of LSL to a stable and consistent end result. TimberStrand LSL, or Laminted Strand Lumber, is straight, free of knots, and resists twisting, shrinking and bowing after installation. TimberStrand LSL is a green building solution as well. The manufacturing process combines technology and innovation to produce high-performing engineered lumber using small-diameter trees that are not strong or straight enough on their own to be of structural value as conventional sawn lumber products.
As low as $20.25
  • Reduce the need to shim, trim, and scribe
  • Enhance craftsmanship while minimizing labor costs
  • Improve your finish results and enjoy fewer callbacks
More Information
TypeTimberStrand LSL
Length10 ft.
Actual Size1-1/2 in. x 3-1/2 in.
Nominal Size2 x 4
TimberStrand LSL is available in framing lumber, sill plate, framing for tall walls, headers and floor joists. Perfect for any application that requires long lengths, and stability, where strength and performance is essential.
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