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TimberTech® Impression Rail Express® 36 in. Universal Stair Panel, Black, 8 ft.

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Impression Rail Express® is contemporary, strong, and unobstructive. Lean into a minimalist railing profile with this pre-assembled, aluminum panel that keeps sightlines clear and balusters rattle-free by being locked in place. Sleek, strong, and minimalist, this railing profile features hidden fasteners and fades into the background to keep your stunning view the star of your outdoor living space.

Universal Panel Kits includes: Universal Panel, Universal Panel Cover, Hardware & Footblock

To complete your railing please be sure to purchase IRX Top Rails, and Impression Rail Post Kits or Wall Mount Kits sold separately.

Actual size 91.3 in. x 34 in.

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  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY: Resists fasing, staining, and scratching
  • MOISTURE-RESISTANT: Resists rotting, craacking and corrosion
  • Narr9ower balusters for a less obstrcuted view (up to 30% less than competitors)
  • Paintable for a custom look, but not required
  • Panelized railing system ofr a quick install (no fasteneing of individual balusters)
  • Milled-wood-inspired design
  • Elevated desgin potential: Crisp corners, tight, clean line
  • The Impression Rail Express system is covered by 25-Year Limited Warranty
    More Information
    Series/Sub-Brand Impression
    Type Railing Kit
    Width 1-3/4 in.
    Length 8 ft.
    Height 34 in.
    Style Stair
    Brand Timbertech by Azek
    Color Family Black
    Finish Powder Coated
    Material Aluminum
    Manufacturer Code AZTIX36UNSP8B

    Product Selection Process:

    1. Choose panel kit lengths for level and stair applications
    2. Choose top rail
    3. Choose post kits
    4. Choose accessories (Touch-Up and Bracket Jig kits).

    All corresponding IRX items sold separately from panels.

    Suggested Tools: Appropriate fasteners for mounting posts to deck, miter saw with carbide tipped non-ferrous blade, cordless drill, tape measure, level, power cords, drop sheets and safety glasses, 3/16 in. Drill bit, 6 in. #2 Square drive bit, Installation jig (optional) Prior to construction, check with your local regulatory agency for special code requirements in your area. Common railing height is 36 in. or 42in.

    Post spans will vary depending on job site conditions. Never span more than 8 ft. on-center between railing posts. Spans longer than 12 ft. in length will require reduced post spans. 3 in. posts are required to reach 6' and 8 ft. lengths. 2 in. posts must be set in-line to panel.

    Do not install post caps and vinyl post base covers until railing assembly is completed. 3" posts are required at all transitions. 2 in. posts may not be used to start/end a run or to form a corner. The top snap covers should snap firmly onto the aluminum railing channels.

    Do not use a hammer. The top rails will snap by applying pressure from one end to the other. If you’re having issues snapping on the covers, check the clips to ensure that they are bottomed out into the aluminum railing channels. Foot Blocks must be installed BEFORE installing Top Rail Snaps.

    Actual Stair Panel Lengths: • 6' Panels = 69.43 in. and 8 ft. Panels = 91.31 in..

    3 in. posts are required to reach 6' ft. and 8 ft. lengths. • Stair railing panels are shipped at a 37 degree angle. Panels are adjustable +/- 3 degrees. • Maximum post spans on stair railing application is 96 in. on center. Additional posts are required on any stair application more than 8 ft. in length.

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