Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Review & Inspiration

What We Love About Swiss Coffee OC-45

Swiss Coffee is a creamy, warm white that brings a welcoming softness and elegance to a space. It’s part of the Off-White collection, which consists of colors that suit tranquil and serene environments. Swiss Coffee can be used to enhance more dynamic spaces.

Swiss Coffee Has Distinctly Warm Undertones

Swiss Coffee has its yellow/gold undertones to thank for its soft and warm feel. In a room with natural light Swiss Coffee will present gentle, but unpredictable undertones, changing with the light. One undertone to be mindful of is a very subtle green that may or may not be to your taste.

In a bright room, Swiss Coffee is mostly white. In this environment you may lose the warmth from the undertones, but that can work!

If you prefer the warmth that Swiss Coffee offers, fear not, try it in a darker or north facing room with cool light.

What Room Is The Swiss Coffee Paint Color Best For?

Swiss Coffee is absolutely perfect if you’re looking to update your home. It goes especially well with dark furnishings and/or earthy colors like browns and tans. Combine Swiss Coffee on walls with a brighter white trim color (like Simply White) to bring out the warm undertones and create some contrast.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

In a home with traditional mouldings and wainscoting, Swiss Coffee adds extra dimension and warmth to woodwork, making new construction homes feel like they’ve been there for years.

Source: Whitten Architects via Pinterest

Source: Whitten Architects via Pinterest

White kitchens can sometimes appear cold and unwelcoming, especially if they have gray toned marble and stainless steel, This soft white is ideal for warming them up.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

If you want to enhance its lovely creamy undertones, use Swiss coffee in the cool light of North-facing rooms or pair it with a cool color.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

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