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Sea Foam SF16 Motor Treatment, Typical, 16 oz Can

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Professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers everywhere rely on this product every day. Sea Foam motor treatment dissolves and cleans fuel and oil residues and deposits, stabilizes fuel, controls moisture and lubricates upper cylinders. Safe and effective when added to gasoline and diesel fuel and oil crankcases, just pour it in.
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  • Clean injectors, carb jets and passageways
  • Clean and lubricate intake valves, pistons and cylinders
  • Dissolve and clean fuel residues in fuel systems
  • Dissolve oil deposits in crankcases
  • Clean timing chain tensioners and VVT actuators, quiet noisy lifters
  • Stabilize gas and diesel fuels
  • Control moisture in fuel
  • Add lubricity and corrosion protection to fuel
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BrandSea Foam
Manufacturer CodeSF16
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