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Rombio Mineral Harden, 2.5-liter (Gallon)

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For mineral paints such as limewash, Mineral Hardener Concentrate can help block further deterioration from the elements, consolidating your limewash finish, antiqued/decorative or full coverage applications, increasing adherence onto your masonry substrate, such as brick, as well as provide water resistance. Applied directly onto brick can help protect against spalding, particularly on low-fired brick, consolidating the brick surface and providing water resistance simultaneously. Mineral Hardener Concentrate is a blend that contains inorganic compound (K2SiO3), that is water soluble and has been used for a 1000 years as a mineral substrate consolidator. It is historically known as water glass or liquid glass. When applied to an unpainted mineral surface it forms a chemical reaction with the substrate essentially reinforcing and strengthening the inherent mineral aspects of brick, stone and most cements. Mineral Hardener Concentrate strengthens mineral substrates, making them stronger and at the same time, more water resistant Mineral Hardener Concentrate is a zero odor, water based formula, permitting deep penetration into porous surfaces. BioDomus Mineral Hardener concentrate is category BIO which means Organic, containing at least 90% natural raw materials and the other 10% inert binders and non-toxic chemicals.
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  • Zero odor, water based formula
  • Water-resistant agent for masonry surfaces
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Size2.5-liter (Gallon)
Manufacturer Code6302e

DILUTION: Dilute Mineral Hardener concentrate at a minimum 1:1 with water, (or 10 liters of water per 10 liters of product).

CONSOLIDATION COATS: Apply 2 – 3 coats in rapid succession, wet on wet, working in a limited area so that no pre-drying occurs, until substrate has arrived at full absorption, then moving over to a new section. Follow the same procedure until the entire facade or surface area is treated. Apply product with a brush, roller or sprayer, carefully covering all surfaces. Allow to dry for at least 2 – 3 days to properly cure. Minimum cure time is 24 hours.

CLEAN UP Brush, roller, rags, or sponges should be cleaned immediately after use with water and a mild detergent or dish soap.

COVERAGE Coverage for a 1-liter 175 ft2 and a 2.5 liter is about 450 ft2

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