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Preserva Cleaner and Renewer, Gallon

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Restore your old, weathered, or dirty wood surfaces – better – with Wood Renewer™ Cleaner from Preserva Products™. Wood Renewer™ Cleaner is an all-organic product that is specially formulated to clean and restore weathered, dirty wood. Unlike other wood cleaners, Wood Renewer™ Cleaner is an innovative blend of surfactants that clean more effectively. Use it to clean dirt, tannin stains, extractive bleeding, and failed oxidized coatings. Unlike most other cleaners, Wood Renewer™ Cleaner contains no acids, corrosives, or bleach, so it will not damage the wood and is quite easy to use. The Preserva Cleaner & Renewer is produced with 100% organic components, has no VOC, and is completely non-hazardous. You’ll love the ease of application and dramatic results the Wood Renewer™ Cleaner offers!
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Type Exterior
Size Gallon
Brand Preserva
Manufacturer Code 60100
PREPARATION To assure maximum performance, proper surface preparation is essential. Sweep or brush excess debris from wood surface to be cleaned. DO NOT use water to accomplish this step. Wood must be dry prior to application of Wood Renewer™ Cleaner. Cover all surrounding plants and vegetation. Test a small area and let dry before application. DILUTION Our Wood Renewer™ Cleaner is supplied as a concentrate, and must be diluted. Do not use full strength. Dilute with water as follows: Normal Use – mix three (3) gallons of water to one (1) gallon cleaner Maintenance Cleaning – mix three (3) gallons of water to one (1) gallon cleaner COVERAGE One gallon of diluted solution will clean up to 200 square feet. Therefore, one gallon of concentrate, diluted with three gallons of water, will clean up to 800 square feet of wood surface. APPLICATION Simply spray, brush, or roll diluted cleaner onto dry wood surface. Allow Wood Renewer™ Cleaner to stay on the surface for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a stiff bristle brush or push broom to agitate wood surface in the direction of the grain, or power-wash surface (use a pressure setting of 800 PSI, with a broad fan; do not concentrate on one area to avoid damaging wood surface). Do not apply below 40 degrees F. FINAL STEPS Follow the cleaning process by rinsing Wood Renewer™ Cleaner and debris off the wood with a garden hose and pressure nozzle. Use clean, clear water to rinse plants, lawn, windows, or any other items that may have come in contact with our Wood Renewer™ Cleaner. Allow wood surface to dry completely before applying a quality wood finish (such as Preserva Wood®).
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