IKO Hip & Ridge 12 Ridge Cap Shingles

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    ASTM D3018 ASTM D3161 Class F ASTM D3462 ASTM E108 Class A CSA A123.5
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    Size: 914 mm x 337 mm (36" x 13 1/4") Coverage Per Package: 11.1 linear m ( 36.5 linear ft) Qty Per Pallet: 56 Quantity Per Unit/Package: 26
  • IKO Hip & Ridge 12 Ridge Cap Shingles

    by IKO

    Why waste time cutting up shingles to protect those vulnerable hip and ridge areas? IKO has a better-looking, much easier alternative with Hip & Ridge 12 cap shingles. They are lightweight and perforated to give you 3 pieces from one shingle. Hip & Ridge 12 cap shingle feature an IKO modified adhesive sealant for maximum wind protection.
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  • They're quicker: Less time spent means more money saved! Lightweight and perforated with a precut tapered headlap to give you three pieces, each 12" (300 mm) by 13-1/4" (337mm).¹ By spending less time cutting, you'll save on labor costs.
  • They're safer: Everyone benefits from a tidier job site! Because the pieces are pre-trimmed, your installers won't be slipping or tripping over cut scraps of shingle. Homeowners will appreciate a cleaner job site, too.
  • They look better : Get great-looking results every time, in less time! No more uneven cuts. Because these cap shingles are pre-tapered, installers will be able to follow straighter application lines more consistently. If the profile requires dimensional depth, simply use a double layer.
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