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Curator Irish Design Collection Sample Paint (3 oz pot)


Tester pots are available in Enhanced Matt, this is perfect for testing color. Each tester pot is 3oz.

Curator is a unique collaboration with the Irish Design Community, from potters to milliners, and canvas to clay. Together we developed a palette of 144 colors from native art and design, for your home. There has never been a collection quite like Curator.

All Curator paint is water-based with low odor and low VOCs. It is suitable for every room in the house and is easily washed. Curator paint does not contain any harsh solvents or heavy metals.

EN13300 is a European standard for interior paint quality. All Curator paint has been tested to the European standard. It has a Class A rating for scrub resistance and opacity.

The concept of Curator is unique but also the technology behind it.  There are 5 finishes available in all 144 colors.

Enhanced Matte (For Interior Walls) - A luxurious soft-touch interior wall finish which exudes quality and opulence. This gorgeously smooth finish not only looks beautiful but is exceptionally hard-wearing, wipeable and resistant to many household stains. Enhanced Matt is a low odor, acrylic emulsion with a depth of color designed to last. VOC content: 150g/L

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Brand Curator

Dry Time - 2-4 hours; Please allow 7 days for your paint to fully cure before wiping your walls.

Coverage Rate – 85-120 sq. ft. per quart; 340-480 sq. ft. per gallon; depending on surface.

Clean Up - Warm soapy water.

HOW TO PREPARE YOU SURFACE Proper surface preparation is the key to maximum finish performance, as the durability of this product will be improved even more with a perfectly prepared surface. Ensure that the surface is sound, clean dry free of dirt, grease and all biological growth. If painting over an existing coating, remove any flaking or blistered areas. Surface defects (cracks, holes, etc.) should be filled with a suitable interior grade filler or acrylic caulk. Fresh plaster and highly absorbent surfaces should be primed with a high-quality masonry primer. Check wooden windows and frames thoroughly. Fill any cracks and ensure moisture content is below 18% before commencing painting. Rub down with the appropriate sandpaper to achieve a sound, uniform, shine-free surface. Avoid inhaling any dust. If you’re dry sanding always wear the appropriate mask. Clean all dust off the surface before applying paint.

HOW TO BEST APPLY YOUR PAINT Stir well before and during use. For best results apply two coats. Some colors are low hide and may require more coats. Ensure you use the correct color undercoat as this may help reduce the number of topcoats required. Ask Ring's End for Further advice. For highly porous prepainted walls it is recommended to apply a thinned down first coat to ensure penetration into substrate, followed by two neat coats of the chosen color. If thinning is required, use water only; one-part water to ten parts paint maximum. Do not apply in conditions below 50°F. Very slight variations may occur between cans. When using more than one can make sure to batch numbers are consistent and mix in a larger container to ensure color uniformity. For best results apply by brush but do not spread too far and brush off in one direction. For roller application be sure to choose the correct roller for the surface you are painting. For unpainted hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, and cedar two coats of a stain blocking primer is recommended. For unpainted softwoods, knots must be spot primed with an appropriate knotting solution followed by Curator Prime Coat. Recoat time 2-4 hours, depending on drying conditions. Please allow 7 days for your paint to fully cure before wiping your walls. Please note in Matt finishes darker colors are prone to marking more easily than lighter colors.

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