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Benjamin Moore Super Spec HP D.T.M. Alkyd, Gloss


This urethane alkyd enamel provides superior exterior gloss and color retention when compared to straight alkyds and epoxy esters. For use on properly prepared interior and exterior metal surfaces, such as metal buildings, fences, Bilco® doors, machinery, piping, cabinets, storage tanks, and equipment. This rust-preventative coating can be applied directly to ferrous metal or used in combination with a Benjamin Moore® metal primer.

To be used with Metal equipment, machinery, metal doors and cabinets, storage tanks, floors, metal buildings, fences, marine exposures (above water), and general maintenance painting. 

USE COMPLETELY OR DISPOSE OF PROPERLY. This product contains organic solvents which may cause adverse effects to the environment if handled improperly. Emptied containers may retain product residue. Follow label warnings even after container is emptied. Residual vapors may explode on ignition. 

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  • Good color and gloss retention which lengthens the coating life
  • Good abrasion resistance permits wider application and longer coating life
  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating 
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Rust preventative coating
  • Not for application directly on galvanized metal
  • Not for immersion service
  • Not for strong acid or chemical exposure 
More Information
Series/Sub-BrandSuper Spec®
BrandBenjamin Moore
Color FamilyTintable
Manufacturer CodeP22


Surfaces to be painted must be clean and free from wax, oil, grease, dust, rust, loose paint and water soluble materials. All loose rust or peeling paint should be removed and glossy surfaces must be dulled before recoating.

Super Spec HP® Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamel (P22) inhibits rust by encapsulating properly prepared ferrous metal surfaces. A minimum of two coats is required on bare metal surfaces. Pairing Super Spec HP® Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamel (P22) with Super Spec HP® Alkyd Metal Primer (P06) will enhance rust inhibition.

New shiny non-ferrous metal surfaces that will be subject to abrasion should be dulled with very fine sandpaper or a synthetic steel wool pad to promote adhesion 


Coverage: 375 - 425 sqft

Clean up: Paint Thinner/Mineral Spirits

Dry Time: – To Touch 2 Hours – To Recoat 8 Hours

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