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BEARSKIN Joint Flashing, Gray, 50 sheets

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The BEAR SKIN is a flexible 6 x 12 inch sheet of proprietary cross linked, 7-layer, plastic film with a thickness of 6 mil (0.15 mm). After application, the tensile strength of the sheet grets stronger with time.  On the back side is a 1.5 inch strip of adhesive for easy and repositionable application.  
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  • Moisture Impermeable Material - the perm rating of the BearSkin is .0016 perms*
  • UV Protected - The BEARSKIN provides a 50 year UV Rating*
  • Convenient Belt Clip - A clip is built into the backer of the BEARSKIN to attach to your belt or tool pouch.
  • Fast Application - Each sheet is pre-cut with a stick-it adhesive for fast and repostionable installation.
  • Simple Application -No extra or specialty tools are required to install the BEAR SKIN
  • Construction-site Ready -The self-stick adhesive on the back of the BEAK SKIN can be applied in all temperatures and weather conditions.
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Type Flashing
Size 6 in. x 12 in.
Pack Size 50 sheets

For the installation of lap board siding

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