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⅝ in. Fir Texture 1-11 Plywood Siding

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Fir Texture 1-11 grooved channel plywood is a great choice for exterior siding projects. At ⅝ in. thick with a rough sawn finish, Texture 1-11 siding offers a rustic appearance, and Fir T1-11 offers superior strength and durability compared to pine panels of the same type. This panel has channels that are spaced 8 in. center to center on the face.
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  • Texture 1-11 siding offers a rustic appearance
  • Strong and sturdy - less likely to warp than pine T1-11
  • Proper finishing of plywood siding protects it from weathering, reduces maintenance, and improves the appearance and performance of the siding project.
More Information
TypeT1-11 Pywood
BrandSelected Brands
MaterialDouglas Fir
Plywood Width Length4 ft. x 10 ft. 8" O.C.
Exterior siding on houses, barns,sheds and commercial installations. Indoor wall panels or project construction.
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