Feeney Cable Rail ⅛ in. Cable Lacing Needle

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Feeney Cable Rail ⅛ in. Cable Lacing Needle

by Feeney

CableRail Cable Lacing Needles are an optional accessory tool item for aiding the installation of CableRail cable assemblies. CableRail cable assemblies are typically laced through holes drilled in wood posts and occasionally during installation, the wires at the end of the cable can splay open and catch on the wood fibers inside the post drill holes, slowing the installation process. A Cable Lacing Needle helps alleviate this issue. It slips over the end of the bare cable to snugly encapsulate the cable end and keep it from fraying, and its slender tapered shape allows you to easily and quickly guide the cable through the post holes. The Cable Lacing Needles are also reusable; when you're done lacing one cable, simply pull off the needle and attach it to the next cable. Important note: Lacing Needles must be removed before inserting the cable end into the Quick-Connect; fittings. Cable Lacing Needles are made from durable, solid brass and sold in packs of one each.
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Product Details
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    Cable Rail Tool
  • Additional Information
  • Optional accessory tool item for aiding installation of CableRail cables
  • Made from durable, solid brass
  • Easily attaches to the bare cable end
  • Keeps cable end from snagging inside post holes
  • Reduces cable installation time
  • Reusable design
  • Sold one needle per package
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