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Our Custom Millwork


Ring’s End Custom Millwork Division creates thousands of custom moulding profiles from domestic hardwoods and softwoods, exotic species, and PVC. We can also craft custom corbels and brackets, custom sized S4S, and custom flooring; we produce shop drawings and provide samples according to customer needs. Part of our shop is dedicated to fabricating custom countertops in Corian and Formica. The Division is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including moulders, routers, and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines. Our experienced craftsmen know how to use these technologically advanced machines to help make your next building project absolutely spectacular.

Custom Beadboard & Shiplap

If you want the classic look of beadboard – with a distinctive twist – ask us about custom beadboard profiles produced by varying the size and shape of beads and grooves. We make custom beadboard from sheets up to 5’ high and 12’ long. We also manufacture shiplap (horizontally laid wooden boards) in custom sizes and species.

Brackets & Corbels

We craft architectural brackets and corbels from many wood species and from PVC. These decorative elements are often exterior design components, particularly in historical revival and Victorian homes. They can also be structural, supporting balconies, porches, and eaves.

Curved / Radius Moulding

We also make custom curved and radius moulding for arches, jambs, semi-circular and round windows, and elliptical, octagonal, and free-form openings.

Custom Moulding Profiles

We can match profiles for historical restoration and residential renovation, as well as create completely one-of-a-kind moulding profiles to make your project uniquely elegant.

Linear Moulding

Ring’s End Custom Millwork can manufacture custom moulding profiles in lengths up to 16 feet. Our six-head moulder has about 4000 knives, which can create almost any profile you can imagine in wood or PVC.

PVC Moulding

PVC is increasingly popular for exterior mouldings and architectural features due to its resistance to rot, insects, and harsh weather conditions. We can mill custom PVC linear and curved moulding in a huge number of beautiful profiles.

What are the different types of moulding?

Ring's End stock many different types of mouldings (aka "moldings") that can add character and warmth to any home. Here are the different types of mouldings for your interior walls and ceilings.

Cornices are a type of decorative moulding that fits where a wall meets the ceiling. A very popular type of cornice is the crown moulding. They get their name because they ornately "crown" the top of a room.

Baseboards (aka "Skirting" or "Floor Molding") fit where a wall meets the floor. It protects the wall from scuffs and dents. In time gone past, they used to cover untidy and uneven construction work.

Casing (aka "Trim") is a type of moulding that frames a door or a window. It’s decorative and it can cover any gaps between the drywall and frame.

Other Decorative Mouldings

There are more kinds of decorative mouldings that can brighten up your home's interior. Ring's End has mouldings for fireplaces, stairs, ceilings, walls, lighting fixtures, and many more places.

If you don’t see what you need, please contact us to discuss our custom milling services.