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What is the difference between crown moulding and moulding?

Crown moulding is a decorative feature placed along the top edge of a room where the ceiling meets the walls. Moulding is a broader term encompassing various trim elements, including baseboards, chair rails, and window casings, serving both functional and decorative purposes throughout interior spaces.

Where should you not put crown moulding?

Avoid installing crown molding in rooms with very low ceilings, as it can visually reduce space and make the room feel more cramped. Additionally, it may not be suitable for living rooms with irregular ceiling heights or architectural features that would visually clash.

What are crown moulding profiles?

Crown molding profiles refer to the different shapes or designs of crown molding available, including variations in curvature, width, and decorative details. Common profiles include classical, colonial, and contemporary styles, each offering distinct aesthetics to complement various architectural and interior design preferences.

How do you measure and cut angles for crown molding installation?

To measure and cut angles for crown molding installation, use a miter saw set to the appropriate angle (typically 45 degrees for corners). Measure the wall lengths accurately and transfer those measurements to the molding, marking where cuts are needed. Ensure the cuts are mirrored for inside corners and outside corners. Cut each piece with the saw positioned accordingly for precise angles.

What is the difference between crown moulding and baseboards?

Crown moulding is placed where the ceiling meets the wall, while baseboards are fitted where the floor meets the wall. 

Should crown molding and baseboards be the same color?

Some people prefer to use the same color for consistency and to match their interior design style. However, others like to have different colors to create a unique look or to accent wood floors or ornate ceilings.

Is crown molding hard to install?

Installing crown moulding can be a challenging DIY project for homeowners. The hardest part is cutting the corners to match and be flush with the walls. You will also need a range of tools including a coping saw, power miter saw, hot-glue gun, rasp, and a hammer.

Where can I buy crown moulding?

Ring’s End sells crown moulding throughout the Northeast. You can visit a Ring End’s store to see product samples, talk to an expert, and place your order. Or, order online for in-store pickup or delivery within our network. Ring’s End has store locations on the Eastern Connecticut shoreline, including Stamford, Darien, Wilton, and Wethersfield, Connecticut. In addition to our many stores in Connecticut, Ring’s End also has stores located in the Boston, MA area, Lewisboro, NY, and Portland, ME.

Does Ring’s End ship crown moulding products?

Ring's End can ship all standard items. However, “oversized items” are only available for In-Network delivery.  These items will be clearly marked during the checkout process. Our delivery area spans Connecticut, Westchester County in New York counties, and western Rhode Island. To find out if your address is located within our network, see our  In-Network Service Map. We provide LTL shipping quotes for in and out-of-network orders.

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