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What is plywood?

Plywood is a popular and effective wood building material created from bonding thin sheets of cross-laminated veneer, which are layers of wood harvested from lumber. Each layer is less than 3 mm in thickness. Multiple veneers may be bonded together through the use of extreme heat, strong glue or adhesives, and high-pressure.

What are plywood products used for?

Plywood is favored for building due to its high strength to weight ratio, extreme resistance to impact damage, and ability to withstand intense changes in both temperature and humidity. It does not warp from exposure to moisture as easily as other wood materials.

However, a plywood product can also be cut into different shapes. Plywood comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and weights. Plywood applications include use as wall framing, structural support, flooring applications, parts of furniture, and more.

Why is a “ply”?

A ply is a single layer of veneer. Multiple layers are needed to create a single piece of plywood. The higher ply a sheet of plywood is labeled as, the more layers it has.

What are different ply levels?

  • 3-ply plywood boards are lightweight and affordable. They are typically between two and 3 mm thick and are often used for indoor construction projects.
  • 5-ply plywood is more versatile and pieces are around 4 mm thick. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects but are not the best for framing permanent structures or home attachments.
  • Multi-ply plywood is any piece that includes seven or more layers. Multi-ply plywood is durable, long-lasting, and has enough stability enough to be used for roof framing or other exterior projects.

Are high-ply pieces always better?

Even if two pieces of plywood have the same overall thickness, the plywood with more layers will be stronger than plywood with fewer layers in most cases.

Plywood options, plywood grades, and plywood sizes - birch plywood, pine plywood, and more

Plywood comes in a variety of types or grades.

  • Sanded plywood has top and bottom of pieces that are sanded down for additional smoothness. Builders don’t have to apply additional sanding. Some pieces may have extra finishes applied to improve their appearance or to add water or rot resistance.
  • Hardwood plywood is made from hardwood lumber harvested from tree species such as maple, oak, and birch plywood. The resulting pieces are strong and stable but may be heavier than other plywood types.
  • Sheathing plywood is designed for use in permanent structures. It is affordable and quite strong but its end uses are limited. It does not feature finishing and is not meant to be seen by building inhabitants.
  • Project panel plywood is ready to be cut into different shapes and is ideal for DIY projects. This plywood can be made from multiple kinds of wood and may or may not include a finish.
  • Markerboard plywood sheets are very thin panels that feature a coated writing surface. These are intended to be used with dry-erase markers.

How to know which plywood to choose?

It's important to choose the perfect plywood for your focus. For example, Finnish plywood is great when building a model, as any model requires very thin but sturdy wood. You can sort for different wood types using the categories above, then find the ideal item for your needs.

What are the top plywood sizes for selection?

Plywood comes in a variety of sizes. Many common panels are available in 4’ x 8x dimensions. Other popular plywood sizes include 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’, 2’ x 2’, 2' x 8', 4’ x 9’, 4' x 8' and 4’ x 10’. However, plywood can also be cut into different dimensions depending on what’s needed for your project.

How much does plywood cost on average?

Plywood panels can cost as low as $18 or as high as $127. Overall costs for a plywood delivery depend on the number of pieces purchased, any included finishes, the wood variety used, and more.

Is plywood delivery available?

Yes. Any plywood item we offer can be shipped to your home at a flat delivery rate of $7.50 or for free if your item order exceeds $150 before taxes and associated fees.

How long does plywood delivery take?

Delivery of your product will take between one and six days depending on the size of your order items and your home's distance from one of our stores. You must allow between one and two business days to process your item order in addition to regular delivery time.

Is plywood delivery available everywhere?

Item delivery is not available to California, Hawaii, or Alaska.