Preserva Premium Timber Oil

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  • Preserva Premium Timber Oil

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    Preserva Premium Timber Oil™ is formulated with a blend of the finest seed oils available.  Craftsmen and Woodworkers will appreciate our Dual Resin Technology, which combines the superior durability of an alkyd resin with the protective properties of a urethane resin.  Lastly, we add transparent oxide pigments for UV protection as well as the natural beauty that these finely ground particles can deliver.

    • Natural Timber is designed to highlight the natural appearance of most woods.
    • Mountain Cedar gives a golden tone by highlighting the reds and yellows in your wood.
    • Heart Redwood will accentuate the red and brown hues of cedar or redwood.
    • Canyon Brown is a rich brown tint with hints of gold in the background.
    • Bleached Gray gives wood a weathered gray appearance.


    Preserva Premium Timber Oil™ must be able to penetrate the wood.  Drops of water sprinkled on wood should be quickly and easily absorbed.  Previous stains or coatings should be completely removed prior to stain application.  Wood must be clean and dry prior to staining.  Heavy or wet boards should be allowed to air dry for 3-6 weeks before staining.  

    Stir stain well and stir often during use, making sure all pigment on the bottom of the can has been well mixed before using.  

    For wood substrates only. Apply a small amount of product in an inconspicuous area to test for penetration and color satisfaction before continuing with the entire treatment process.  

    Be sure the weather is dry for 24 hours before and after applying stain.  Apply to horizontal wood and smooth wood with an oil-based brush or stain pad.  Apply only as much stain as will readily absorb into wood.  ONE COAT ONLY!  Apply stain to cool, dry wood.  Do not apply in the heat of the day!  Do not allow stain to puddle and cure on the surface of the wood. Use a rag to remove all excess stain (shine).    

    Clean all exterior wood on an annual or semi-annual basis with a mild cleaner to remove all dirt and pollen.  Your wood is ready to clean and re-treat when it appears dry, or you wish to refresh the color.  

    Soak oily rags, clothes, or any other material in a water filled, sealed container to avoid spontaneous combustion (fire).   After one week, wring out and lay flat to air dry outdoors, away from wood, paper, or any combustible material.  Do not throw away until completely dry.

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  • Dual Resin Technology
  • Penetrates Deep into Wood
  • Low VOC, True Oil-Based Stain
  • One Coat, High Solids
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