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KLEER Cellular PVC Adhesives - Fast Cure

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This epoxy product is also known as Kleer Cellular PVC Adhesive / Two part 4-7 Minute Cure Time. Kleer adhesives manufactured for PVC help ensure a long-lasting bond that minimizes gaps and resists extreme weather. The result is confidence that your trim job will look great for many years while minimizing callbacks. - KLEER Cellular PVC Adhesive - Fast Cure 50ML
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  • Fills nail holes and gaps up to 3/8″
  • 4-7 minute work time
  • Two-part structural adhesive
  • 100% waterproof and UV stable
  • Sandable, paintable and color matched to Kleer Products
More Information
Type PVC Adhesive / Cement
Size 50ML
Manufacturer Code 5020
Kleer Cellular PVC adhesive is a durable two-component adhesive for Kleer cellular PVC applications with a work life of 4-7 minutes after mixing.
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