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Keim Interior/Exterior Limewash from Europe, 5-Gallon

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With Keim Limewash it is easy to transform your brick, stone or stucco to a beautiful and unique Old World appearance. Limewash is the “original” masonry finish and has been used for centuries across Europe. Limewash is uniquely formulated to create antiqued wash-off or broken color effects. Whitewashed brick has a charming aged look and feel. You control just how much of your brick to expose. Limewash is removable for the first few days with a garden hose and spray nozzle so you can experiment to find just-the-right look.

Apply Limewash fully in two coats for a beautiful, chalky finish that is completely natural with a matte flat finish. This finish will rapidly patina with age for an even softer and washed appearance. Best of all, Limewash never has a sheen and won’t glare, even in the harshest sunlight. Engineered by Keim in Germany, Limewash utilizes the finest Dolomitic lime that is pit aged for a minimum of 3 years for maximum quality and durability and meets European production and performance standards. It is a little-to-no maintenance finish for decades, giving an authentic patina as it ages.

Limewash naturally calcifies to the brick, stone or stucco and becomes a stone-like part of the surface. It is extremely vapor permeable allowing moisture that enters your home’s walls to freely escape without damaging the limewash finish. It will not bubble or peel from moisture and develops a beautiful color depth and tone as it ages. As weather continues to age Limewash, it develops more character.

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As low as $367.00
  • Pure authentic slaked (aged) lime finish from Europe
  • Penetrates and calcifies onto exterior masonry
  • Limewash breathes, will never blister or peel from moisture
  • Old world, chalky appearance is easy to achieve
  • Create wash-off and antiqued effects easily
  • No VOC’s or other added chemicals
More Information
Manufacturer CodeROM-10000-5

Coverage - No primer required—2 coat system on bare masonry. Limewash is concentrated and must be thinned with water before use. You will need and extra bucket in which to thin and mix your Limewash. This process allows you to mix Limewash to your desired consistency. When thinning remember it is easier to add more water later to make it thinner—so start with less water and add more water as needed. For full coverage: Dilute up to 50% with water. For wash-like coverage: Dilute up to 100% with water.

Quart - 85-105 ft2

Gallon - 225-300 ft2

5-Gallon - 1125-1500 ft2

Dilution - For full coverage: Dilute up to 50% with water. For wash-like coverage: Dilute up to 100% with water.

Pre-wetting - All exterior masonry should be dampened with a garden hose before painting with Limewash. Surface should have no puddled or standing water but be uniformly damp—not soaked or saturated.

Application - No primer required—2 coat system on bare masonry. Surfaces you paint must be porous and able to absorb water. To test your surface, wet with water and allow the water to penetrate. A porous surface will absorb the water and darken. If the water beads up and runs off, there is a water repellent treatment present and you should not proceed. It is strongly recommended to install a mock-up sample in an inconspicuous area to test your technique. Remember, any samples you install can be washed away within 48 hours. Continue the mock-up process until you determine the perfect application technique and finish. Paint may be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment.

Stir Limewash before use with an electric drill and paddle attachment to ensure a homogenous mixture and color or by hand with paint paddle. Dilute Limewash with 50%-100% clean water for most applications. Stir well after each addition of water. Limewash can be further diluted to create a “wash” or stain effect. Limewash may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. Brush - Use a nylon/polyester brush—this application method will produce the most mottled or tone-on-tone appearance. Roller - Use a 1⁄2"" to 3⁄4” nap synthetic roller cover. Airless Spray — this application gives the most uniform finish. Pressure: 3000 psi, minimum. Tip: .031 in, minimum

Dry Time - Dry to touch: 2—4 hours; Recoat: 12–24 hours

Clean Up - Clean up spills immediately with a damp cloth as it will be difficult to remove once dried. Clean tools with soap and warm water. Airless spray equipment may also be used for application. Consult TDS for complete details.

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