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Keim Exterior Mineral Bonding Primer

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Mineral Bonding Primer is a sol silicate mineral based primer designed to prepare exterior new and previously painted masonry surfaces and glossy or tough to paint surfaces for painting with mineral paints. It provides tenacious adhesion and is ideal when multiple types of surfaces and textures are present. It provides added adhesion when renovating or coating sound acrylic and silicone resin-based coatings. Use on new and previously painted brick, stone, stucco and concrete fiber cement siding.

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  • Excellent adhesion to previous acrylic and latex paints
  • Bonds both chemically and mechanically—no flaking or peeling
  • Extremely vapor permeable, never blisters due to moisture
  • Extremely low VOC and noncombustible
  • Water base easy to apply and clean-up
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Size4 Gallon
Manufacturer CodeCSP-315009-4

Coverage - New or bare brick, stone, stucco and fiber cement surfaces must be porous. Surfaces treated with water repellents may not be paintable, especially if recently applied. Surfaces must be absorbent. Test by wetting surface with water to ensure the water is absorbed into the surface. Mineral Masonry Paint should be applied in two separate coats for maximum durability. Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture as well as application methods, equipment used and workmanship.

Quart - 55-70 ft2

Gallon - 225-275 ft2

5-Gallon - 925-1375 ft2

Application - The substrate must be sound, solid, dry, clean and free of dust, grease, oils, salts, moss, algae and other substances that would prevent penetration and bonding. Previously painted surfaces must be primed with Keim Exterior Mineral Bonding Primer. Clean up splatters and spills immediately as dried paint is almost impossible to remove from masonry, concrete, glass and metal surfaces. Mineral Masonry Paint is a 2 or 3 coat system formulated for exterior use on new or bare, absorbent mineral surfaces. It is ideally suited to masonry, brick and stone as well as aged concrete substrates, CMU, cement boards, plasters and Portland Stucco. It is ideal for historic restoration, maintenance and new construction in most climates. It is not suitable for use over previously painted surfaces of elastomeric, oil-based or lacquers and varnishes, or fresh concrete without a suitable primer.

Stir Mineral Masonry Paint until smooth and homogenous. Use a paint brush to cut in around edges and corners then use a paint roller to apply paint to remaining area. It is best to roll into damp cut in paint to avoid creating a “ridge” between dry and wet paint. Apply paint in an even coat with no runs, sags or holidays. Avoid drips, spills and painting adjacent areas. is eady to use, apply as supplied. May be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. Brush - Use a nylon/polyester brush—this application method will produce the most mottled or tone-on-tone appearance. Roller - Use a 1⁄2"" to 3⁄4” nap synthetic roller cover. Airless Spray — this application gives the most uniform finish. Pressure: 3000 psi, minimum. Tip: .029-0.031 in, minimum, Remove filters from gun and pump, use 30 mesh filter on siphon tube only.

Dry Time - Dry to touch: 2—6 hours; Recoat: 12–48 hours

Clean Up - Clean spills, spatters, hands and tools immediately after use with soap and warm water. After cleaning, flush spray equipment with a compliant cleanup solvent to prevent rusting of the equipment. Tools should be kept in the paint material or in water during work breaks.

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