GRACO Ultra Max II 795 ProContractor Series Electric Airless Sprayer, Cart

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GRACO Ultra Max II 795 ProContractor Series Electric Airless Sprayer, Cart

by Graco

The Graco Ultra Max II 795 ProContractor Series, can handle multiple guns and a wide variety of coatings. Outfitted with a MaxPower brushless DC motor which is totally enclosed to protect internal components for prolonged motor life and includes a lifetime warranty.

Graco Ultra Max II 795 ProContractor Features:

  • SmartControl 3.0. This advanced microprocessor control delivers a consistent spray fan and has virtually no dead-band with a fast response when spraying.
  • Easy Out Pump Filter which filters from the inside out so it won't collapse or get stuck when removed.
  • Time-tested advantage drive system with a lifetime guarantee for ultimate peace of mind
  • WatchDog system automatically shuts the pump off when the material runs out.
  • QuickReel lets you deploy and rewind up to 300 feet of hose, saving you time.
  • On-Board Toolbox to store tools, tips, filters, and accessories.

Ready To Spray Everything you need— Contractor gun, RAC XSwitchTip, Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) and 100 feet of BlueMax II hose is already assembled and ready to use right out of the box, getting you working that much faster.

The HiBoy cart on the 795 is made of welded steel and is chrome plated for durability as well as easy clean-up. Also features a hose rack and pail hook.

This is a reliable sprayer and will out-perform and outlast competitive sprayers. This sprayer is a great sprayer for regular daily use.

The Hi Boy's have a heavy-duty inlet tube that can be easily removed with no special tools to clean or to reach the inlet ball, just knock it loose with a hammer, no wrench needed. Solid inlet tubes are less likely to introduce flakes of dried paint into the system from less than thorough cleaning as the tube does not flex.

Equipped with the proven mid-size Graco Endurance Pump, this sprayer pumps more volume and is built to last. These pumps feature long life V-Max Blue Packings, a Chromex Rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder. ProConnect 2 system, no-tools pump removal, and installation for fast repairs right on the job.

The Tilt-Back feature allows for one person bucket change, it's a sprayer with a kickstand! You just can't go wrong with this quality sprayer made by a world leader and manufacturer of airless paint equipment - Graco.

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