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Firenzecolor™, Marmorino KS Mineral Finishes, 5 KG

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Mineral lime-based finish for smoothing and finishing with a satin effect for interiors and exteriors. In keeping with the traditional and historical “Marmorino Stucco Veneziano,” Marmorino KS is one of our most popular plasters, and achieves a matte finish. It is a lime-based plaster coating with a smooth eggshell, satin effect for interiors and exteriors. It is made of well-seasoned hydrated lime putty, fine marble powders, and rheological modifiers which guarantee perfect workability. Marmorino KS permits to achieve, "cloudy" aesthetic effects with soft and vibrant shades or totally even and uniform surfaces to remind the traditional and historical "Marmorino Veneziano." Furthermore, it is a perfect mineral undercoat plaster Era Veneziana.
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  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Satin Effect
  • Smoothing and Finishing
  • Can achieve Matte Finish
  • Lime-based plaster
  • Undercoat plaster for Era Veneziana
More Information
Series/Sub-Brand Novacolor™
Type Interior/Exterior
Size 10 KG
Finish Textured
Material Lime Based Plaster
Manufacturer Code 12KS10

Surface Preparation & Application: Primer recommended for substrate. Substrate must be perfectly dry, dust-free, with no humidty and salt stains. Resurface or consolidate the surface with specific products if necessary. In case of mold, treat the surface with suitable specific products. Brush and remove any efflorescence and old peeling paint. Higher layers of old lime-based paint and tempera paint must be removed. Brush out dust, smog or other deposits before application.

On a completely dry surface, apply one coat of Marmorino KS with a stainless steel trowel, with a circular motion. Smoothing the whole surface before it dries out completely on the surface. Work the surface gently with a sponge trowel, while the product is wet. Once the surface is completely dry, apply a second layer of Marmorino KS with a stainless steel trowel. Before it dries out, work the surface with a sponge trowel, while the product is still wet, to obtain an even but rough surface. To achieve a polished effect, it is recommended to burnish out the surface wet with a stainless steel trowel for stucco. To obtain an even and smooth effect, compact and polish the surface, when the product is almost dry with a stainless steel trowel. Please refer to the technical data sheet for different effects.

Preparation: Primer recommended for substrate.  Do not apply on fresh/new substrates; wait a maturation period of 4 weeks for proper curing time.

Clean Up: With water, immediately after use.

Dilution: None needed, ready for use.

Coverage: 8-10 square feet per Kilo., based on 2 coat process

Dry Time: 24 hours approx. Depending on the substrate absorption rate and environmental conditions. Recommended to allow 24 hours of dry time between coats. Allow 20-30 days of curing time before applying protective coatings.

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