Fine Paints of Europe Brushing Putty

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  • Fine Paints of Europe Brushing Putty

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    Brushing Putty is an interior primer which can be easily sanded to a glass-smooth finish. This primer offers superior filling power and is recommended for use with open-grained wood which will be receiving a Hollandlac or ECO finish. Brushing Putty will conceal grain patterns effectively even in oak and luan! Brushing Putty is ideal for restoration work as it will serve to fill and conceal minor nicks and dents in all wooden surfaces. Brushing Putty has five times the filling ability of ordinary primer. Brushing Putty is off-white in color.
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    Wood surfaces should be lightly sanded. Surfaces contaminated by oil or grease should be cleaned with a solvent. Do not use a high quality brush for this material. Use an inexpensive natural bristle or synthetic brush. Apply a full, even coat, and allow to dry for twelve to sixteen hours before sanding with a palm sander – 200 grit – to a glass-smooth finish. If additional filling is required, apply second coat and repeat sanding process. .75L container covers 85 sq. ft. 2.5L container covers 280 sq. ft.
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