5/8" T&G Advantech Sheathing 4x8

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5/8" T&G Advantech Sheathing 4x8

by Huber

Beyond providing superior strength and moisture resistance for your floors, AdvanTech® Roof and Wall Sheathing is available to bring the same level of quality to the rest of your build. Now you can cover an entire home with the strength and protection builders rely on when they see the AdvanTech logo.
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    5/8" x 4' x 8'
  • Additional Information
  • Provides up to 10% more allowable shear strength than rated sheathing with the same thickness and nailing pattern. Designed for greater resistance to wind and seismic loads in roof applications. Ideal for regions with heavy wind, rain, snow and ice.
  • ESR-1785 documents industry-leading strength and stiffness and better fastener holding power than competitive OSB and plywood providing an exceptional nail base. Panels install flat and stay flat to help exterior materials look and perform their best.
  • Designed for a longer exposure during construction, backed by a 500-day weather resistance guarantee. So unlike OSB and plywood, AdvanTech® sheathing is engineered to resist swelling, cupping and delamination.
  • AdvanTech sheathing is backed by the best warranty in the business ‐ a limited lifetime warranty ‐ for added assurance both during and after construction.
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