⁵⁄₄ x 8 - Hard Maple Boards

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    Selected Brands
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    Domestic Hardwood
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    1⅛ in. x 7¼ in.
  • ⁵⁄₄ x 8 - Hard Maple Boards

    by Selected Brands

    Hard Maple is also known as Rock Maple or Sugar Maple, and as one of its names implies, it is very hard for a domestic wood. Hard Maple is widely used in cabinetry and flooring, and its light blond color makes it a great species for matching any decor. Hard Maple is a fine-pored wood with a very tight grain. The sapwood is almost white, and Maple is one of the only trees for which the sapwood is almost as highly prized as the heartwood. - ⁵⁄₄ x 8 Hard Maple Boards
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  • A light-colored wood with a hint of red and darker growth rings
  • Easy to work with tools
  • Priced per linear foot
  • Sold in random lengths up to 16 ft.
  • Application
    Flooring (from basketball courts and dance-floors to bowling alleys and residential), veneer, paper (pulpwood), musical instruments, cutting boards, butcher blocks, workbenches, baseball bats, and other turned objects and specialty wood items. Hard Maple is fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools Maple has a tendency to burn when being machined with high-speed cutters such as in a router. Turns, glues, and finishes well, though blotches can occur when staining, and a pre-conditioner, gel stain, or toner may be necessary to get an even color.

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