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3/4 in. Paint Grade Birch Plywood, 4 ft. x 8 ft.

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Paint Grade Birch Plywood is constructed using inner plies composed of Western softwoods. Birch plywood panels are lightweight, dimensionally stable and have excellent screw-holding capacity. The ¾ in. B2 One-piece Face Birch Plywood is a less expensive option than the ¾ in. A1 Birch Plywood, and is perfect for those projects that require structural strength, but not a clear face veneer. We recommend this item be painted, but it can be stained or clear-coated as well.
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  • A1 Grade 5-Ply Birch plywood
  • Cabinet & furniture grade
  • Excellent strength and dimensional stability
  • Great screw, nail, glue and staple holding ability on the face; mechanical fasteners do not hold as well on the butt edges and ends
  • Sanded with 120-150 Grit for a smooth stainable/paintable surface
  • Brand name / grade may vary based on availability and stocking location
More Information
Type Sanded Plywood
Thickness 1/2 in.
Brand Selected Brands
Material Birch
Plywood Width Length 4 ft. x 8 ft.
Plywood grades are (best to worst) A, B, C and D for face or front face. The back grades are (best to worst) 1, 2, 3, and 4. Plywood grades of A1, A2, B1, B2 are a good two-sided product and would be used where both sides are going to be seen. The backside (number grade) does have a few more blemishes than the front. A3, B3, C3 are for plywood that will be seen from one side, but the backside must be clean, although there may be some stain or discoloration on the back, spliced veneer, and so on. One might use this material for the sides of a dresser (who looks inside?), for drawer sides, and shelving. A4, B4, C4 are a one-side-good product. The back may have open knots, filled knots, bad veneer joints or seams. This material will work well for drawer bottoms, and similar.
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