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1 x 8 V-Joint Tongue & Groove #2 Grade Premium Eastern White Pine Siding

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Premium Eastern Pine varies from nearly white to pale reddish brown in color, and darkens with exposure. The #2 Grade allows for cherry-colored knots, which provide a beautiful, rustic look. Pine itself is famous for its workability across or with the grain and is valued for joinery and foundry patterns. V-Joint T&G pine is great for paneling, ceilings, furniture, boxes, and siding. The wood is light in weight with reasonable strength and hardiness and very stable when properly dried. The texture is very even and straight grained, and can be installed vertically, horizontally, or on a diagonal. Inside or outside, stained or painted, #2 V-Joint T&G Premium Eastern White Pine can be a beautiful addition to any home.
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Linear Foot
  • The color is very even, with no difference between the sapwood and heartwood
  • Create a feature wall or add VJT T&G Idaho White Pine to a ceiling
  • As a softwood species, when staining pine, a wood conditioner is recommended for a consistent color
  • Pair with #2 knotty pine square stock to build cabinets or furniture
  • Brand may vary by availability and store location
More Information
Type Tongue & Groove
Brand Selected Brands
Material Eastern White Pine
Actual Size 3/4 in. x 9-1/4 in.
Nominal Size 1 x 10

Coverage: 1 in. x 6 in. - sq. ft. to cover x 2.5 (Linear Feet Needed)

Coverage: 8 in. - sq. ft. to cover x 1.9 (Liner Feet Needed)

Coverage: 10 in. - sq. ft. to cover x 1.5. (Linear Feet Needed)

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