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1 x 4 - A & Better V-Joint Tongue & Groove Red Cedar Wood Siding (Smooth / Rough)

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Western Red Cedar’s natural durability makes it ideal for siding. It exceeds safety classifications, does not require preservative treatments, and is a sustainable product. A & Better Red Cedar is a fine appearance grade mix that allows only slightly more growth characteristics than Clear Heart. Pieces are of mixed grain. These mixed grain (vertical and flat) pieces are graded from the surfaced face. Typically sold with a percentage of B grade. A few small, sound tight knots or pin knots are allowed. Pattern Stock and Boards provide more options for creating your home’s idea exterior. They are Simply the Best boards and siding available. - 1 x 4 A & Better V-Joint Tongue & Groove Red Cedar Wood Siding
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Linear Foot
  • Graded for use on either side
  • Like all woods, Western Red Cedar is hygroscopic and will absorb or discharge moisture to attain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere
  • Very low shrinkage factor and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting and checking
  • Although cedar is a naturally durable species, leaving it untreated is not recommended because a finish or protective coating will greatly increase its service life
  • Cedar is free of pitch and with its high degree of dimensional stability
  • Readily accepts paints, stains, oils and other coatings
  • Straight grain and uniform texture
  • Western Red Cedar is among the easiest and most rewarding woods to work with all hand and machine operations
  • Takes fasteners without splitting and is easily sawn and nailed
  • Brand may vary by availability and store location
More Information
Type Tongue & Groove
Brand Selected Brands
Material A & BTR. Western Red Cedar
Actual Size 3/4 in. x 3-1/2 in.
Nominal Size 1 x 4
(Linear Feet Needed) 4 in. - sq. ft. to cover x 3.8
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