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Gemini® Evo® Eclipse, Flat Clear Topcoat, Gallon

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Gemini® Evo® Eclipse is the newest breakthrough waterborne coating system from Gemini Industries that again raises the bar for wood coatings in North America. Waterborne has never been easier or better. Eclipse is super smooth off the gun and dries fast. Just stir and go. Eclipse is extremely durable right out of the can. To achieve extra hardness, chemical, or water resistance, the Eclipse system may also be further crosslinked with our EVO Hardener for maximum 2K performance.

Eclipse is a waterborne system with virtually no odor, so it is perfect for on-site finishing. Eclipse also allows the finisher to add anti-microbial protection before application to any product in the Eclipse line, with a simple and safe additive that can be easily mixed in before application. 

Eclipse clear topcoat is a premium, technologically advanced waterborne topcoat for interior woodwork. Eclipse dries quickly, has great clarity, and is more user friendly than most low VOC solvent coatings. It exhibits excellent durability as a single pack product, and ECLIPSE’s dual cross-linking technology gives the finisher the ability to further increase durability and chemical resistance by adding an optional hardener. 

Typical Uses: Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, architectural millwork, furniture, and shutters. For wood substrates only. For interior use only.

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  • Waterborne Coatings Clear System
  • Low Odor - Finish in Shop or On-Site with No Smell
  • Fast Dry - Dries Like Solvent-Based Coatings
  • Easier to Apply than Low VOC solvent Based Coatings
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Extremely Low VOC
  • Optional Hardener Adds Increased Performance
  • Optional Anti-Microbial Protection
More Information
Series/Sub-BrandEvo® Eclipse
Paint SheenFlat
Manufacturer CodeECL00101

Application & Surface Preparation: Recommended as a spray only application. Remove any dirt, grease, or other contaminants on surface. Sand wood with 150-180 grit sand paper. If re-finishing, recommended to strip the old finish completely and remove all contaminants from surface. Using a conventional HVLP airless or air assisted equipment, apply this product 3-4 wet mils per coat. Let dry a minimum of 60 minutes. Sand with 280-320, no-fill sand paper and remove sanding dust. This product must be sanded in between coats to ensure proper adhesion. Recommended 1-2 coats primer, 1-2 coats of desired color in the desired sheen. May also be over-coated with clear Eclipse topcoat. The maximum dry film thickness of the complete system must not exceed 8 dry mils thick.
Recommended Tip Size: Conventional Air 1.8-2.0mm, HVLP 1.9-2.2mm, Airless 8-10 thousandths, Air Assisted Airless 9-11 thousandths
Mixing Instructions: Mix material thoroughly before and during use. Can be mixed by hand or agitation at a moderate speed.
Pot Life: After adding hardener is 1-2 hours max.
Coverage: 400-450 square feet per gallon at 1 mil dry film thickness
Dry Time: Air Dry To handle 25-35 Minutes, To Sand/Recoat 60 minutes, Stackable 24 hours
Clean Up: Use water to clean all equipment when material is still in liquid form.
After Care of product: Use mild dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth to remove food, grease, and other residue. Wipe Dry. Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach, or abrasives as this may damage the finish.

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