Decking Preparation, Installation Tools and Accessories

Decking Preparation, Installation Tools and Accessories

You want your deck to look great, but you also want it to be stable and safe. Ring’s End carries all the products you’ll need to make sure your deck has the proper support and anchor in the ground.

Types of Decking Preparation & Accessories

Deck Flashing

Ring's End carries deck ledger flashing from Everflashing. The extra fin that covers the tops of the floorboards adds protection against water, reducing the possibility of water intrusion, dry rot, connector corrosion, mold and ultimately deck ledger failure. It also allows the floorboards to expand and contract without unsightly gaps. It is sold in stainless steel, galvanized and powdercoated aluminum.

Deck Fasteners

Decks are assembled with a variety of different wood screws, clips, and fasteners, many of which can be hidden in order to create an uninterrupted deck surface.

Buoyancy Billets

As a building supply company on the Connecticut coast, Ring’s End recognizes that many of the “decks” they provide material for are actually floating docks. They stock Styrofoam™ BB (by Dow) buoyancy billets for making floating docks, rafts or boat wells.

Cements, Redi-Mixes, Sand, Gravel & Stone

Ring’s End carries a wide variety of bagged material from cement and concrete for your deck footings to stone chips and gravel for under the deck and sand for the kids’ sand box.

Concrete Forms

Ring’s End stocks construction tube footing forms for decks, porches or new construction in 8-in., 10-in. and 12-in. diameters. Bigfoot forms are made to fit standard concrete construction tubes and create a wide footing to maximize support.