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    Custom Millwork

    Ring’s End Custom Millwork Division creates thousands of custom moulding profiles from domestic hardwoods and softwoods, exotic species, and PVC. We can also craft custom corbels and brackets, custom sized S4S, and custom flooring; we produce shop drawings and provide samples according to customer needs. Part of our shop is dedicated to fabricating custom countertops in Corian and Formica. The Division is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including moulders, routers, and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines. Our experienced craftsmen know how to use these technologically advanced machines to help make your next building project absolutely spectacular – plus we have the entire Ring’s End organization and inventory readily at hand and at your service.


    Linear Moulding

    Ring’s End Custom Millwork can manufacture custom moulding profiles in lengths up to 16 feet. Our six-head moulder has about 4000 knives, which can create almost any profile you can imagine in wood or PVC.

    Curved / Radius Moulding

    We also make custom curved and radius moulding for arches, jambs, semi-circular and round windows, and elliptical, octagonal, and free-form openings.

    PVC Moulding

    PVC is increasingly popular for exterior mouldings and architectural features due to its resistance to rot, insects, and harsh weather conditions. We can mill custom PVC linear and curved moulding in a huge number of beautiful profiles.

    Custom Moulding Profiles

    We can match profiles for historical restoration and residential renovation as well as create completely one-of-a-kind moulding profiles to make your project uniquely elegant.

    Custom Beadboard and Shiplap

    If you want the classic look of beadboard – with a distinctive twist – ask us about custom beadboard profiles produced by varying the size and shape of beads and grooves. We make custom beadboard from sheets up to 5’high and 12’long. We also manufacture shiplap (horizontally laid wooden boards) in custom sizes and species.

    Brackets and Corbels

    We craft architectural brackets and corbels from many wood species and from PVC. These decorative elements are often exterior design components, particularly in historical revival and Victorian homes. They can also be structural, supporting balconies, porches, and eaves.

    Custom Flooring

    Custom flooring is desirable when you want boards of unusual width or thickness and when you want to feature an uncommon wood. We can produce boards up that are up to 9 and 1/4” wide and 2 inches thick, using almost any wood species you desire.

    Custom S4S Lumber

    S4S means that a board has been surfaced on both faces and ripped on both edges, resulting in a board with two flat parallel faces and two flat parallel edges. S4S boards can be milled from both hardwoods and softwoods. We can make these boards in custom widths, lengths, and thicknesses up to 9 and 1/4” wide and 2 inches thick.

    Prefabricated Casings

    For larger projects and projects where speed and convenience are a priority, we can prefabricate window and door frames with your specified casings. Our expert craftsmen will use your specifications to pre-assemble door and window frames with a tight miter. Your crew will appreciate the convenience of having all the cuts finished for them and will be able to complete installation quickly and easily.


    The Ring’s End Custom Millwork Division makes custom countertops from Corian and from Formica. Most commonly used in kitchens, custom countertops are also great solutions for vanities, bars, and workshops as well as for many commercial applications.


    North American Hardwoods

    Hardwoods are usually dense, durable, strongly grained woods preferred for flooring, decking, and high-quality cabinetry and furniture. Cut from deciduous trees, Hardwood species include Alder, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Poplar, Oak, and Mahogany.

    Exotic Woods

    The term ‘Exotic Wood’ is used to define timber from non-native species. In many Western countries, like the United States and Canada, this term refers to hardwood from South America, Africa, and Asia. Examples include Sapele, Rosewood, Ipe, Teak, Honduran Mahogany, and Spanish Cedar.


    Softwoods are generally less dense, less resistant to decay, and less expensive than Hardwoods. 80% of the timber used throughout the world is softwood, usually in a wide variety of construction applications like framing lumber and window and door frames. Softwoods come from coniferous evergreen trees and include Pine, Spruce, Fir, Cedar, and Redwood.


    PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is an increasingly popular material for exterior trim, window and door framing, fencing, and decking. Strong, durable, weather-resistant, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, PVC can be custom milled to resemble almost any wood profile.


    Made from natural minerals and high-performance acrylic, DuPont’s Corian is the original solid surface countertop material. Its enduring popularity rests on its non-porous properties that resist stains and bacteria, its ability to be formed seamlessly into almost any shape, and its huge selection of beautiful colors and patterns.


    Formica is the trade name of durable, heat-resistant, easy-to-clean plastic laminate commonly used for countertops and other surface applications. New manufacturing processes employing non-toxic resins and recyclable materials – plus an explosion of color and pattern options – have led to a resurgence of Formica’s popularity with budget-minded builders and remodelers.