Covergip Slip Resistant Canvas Drop Cloth 3½ ft. x 12 ft.

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Covergip Slip Resistant Canvas Drop Cloth 3½ ft. x 12 ft.

by Covergrip

CoverGrip Safety Drop Cloth, a traditional 8-ounce drop cloth with a pattern of slip resistant dots on the back side. The material is to lie flat conforming to most surfaces and remain in place when people or equipment are working on it. This product resists spills and performs all the functions of a traditional drop cloth with the addition of safety. The ingenious CoverGrip drop cloth simply and elegantly provides protection, not just to the beautiful surfaces in our homes, but also for the people who work and live in them. The dots are the difference. CoverGrip drop cloths are manufactured with thousands of tiny, rubberized dots firmly attached to the bottom of each protective cloth. Once pressure is applied, the rubber dots grab and hold firm. The dots are slightly rounded which allows them to effectively increase grip even when under a shifting load. The rows of dots also enable CoverGrip drop cloths to easily fold and conform to surfaces. The cloths fold perfectly -right on the dotted lines, to fit snugly on stairs, into corners or anywhere they're needed. Once positioned, they "hold their fold" to stay in place; no more inadvertently exposed surfaces! You can easily move the cloth around to reposition it whenever you want, but when they're under a load you can't make them budge. Make your work place safer and reduce accidents while working on wood, title, concrete, metal, marble, granite, and many more surfaces. Ideal for painters, electricians, wood workers, plumbers, movers, custodians, etc. Finally when you're done, just pick up your CoverGrip cloth and put it away. The cotton-poly canvas is machine washable (the dots won't fall off) and easily folds up.
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Product Details
  • Size:
    3.5' x 12'
  • Color:
    Off White
  • Mfg:
  • Name:
  • Size:
    3½ ft. x 12 ft.
  • Additional Information
  • Folds easily along the dotted lines to fit snug on stairs & into corners
  • Cloth has thousands of tiny, rubberized dots, firmly attached to the bottom that grab & hold firm to keep the cloth in place
  • Slip resistant canvas drop cloth
  • Machine washable
  • Application
    Slipper surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete, marble, granite and more

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