Do you find yourself leaving a laser distance measure tool on the consul of your truck in favor of your trusty tape measure because you can’t figure out all the features and functions of laser distance measure tools? Those days are over with Bosch’s GLM 15 Laser Distance Measure tool. It’s super simple to use, it’s much faster than a tape measure, and it’s accurate up to an eighth of an inch.

Bosch is an industry leader in laser technology, including a full line of laser distancing measuring tools. Bosch has been making laser technology for a long time and has done it well. The GLM is the simplest laser distancing measuring tool you could ask for. One button does it all – press the button once to turn it on, press the button twice to take the measurement, press it again to hold the measurement, and press it again to take a second measurement.

  • Fast and accurate – perfect for estimating
  • Compact – measuring 3-7/8” x 1-1/4” x ¾”, it’s Bosch’s smallest laser level and will fit easily in your pocket
  • Lightweight – you won’t even notice it in your pocket
  • Measures from the back of the device and has a rubber mold on the back to protect surfaces
  • Automatic continuous measuring

The Bosch GLM 15 Laser Distance Measure is perfect for contractors, remodelers, painters, drywall professionals, interior designers, homeowners and anyone who needs to measure. Stop by a Ring’s End location to get the super intuitive, lightweight, accurate and fast Bosch GLM 15. Be sure to visit one of Ring’s End lumberyard locations or give us a call for more information.