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½ x 6 x 16 ft. Duration TruExterior Bevel Siding

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If you’re not familiar with the poly-ash category of trim and siding (more commonly know by the brand name TruExterior®), think of the material as combining the best performance attributes of natural wood, PVC, fiber cement, and engineered wood… without the downsides associated with each of those product types. The “Holy Grail” of exterior trim, siding, and millwork is a material that looks like real wood, is highly stable, is easy to work with, and has the durability of the best composites. - ½ x 6 x 16 ft. Duration TruExterior Bevel Siding
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  • Ideal for high humidity and rainy environments
  • Resists damage from freezing rain, snow and freeze thaw condidtions
  • Poly-ash is an inorganic material that offers no food source to carpenter ants, termites, wood-boring bees and more
  • Accepts common high-quality, exterior-grade fasteners that are suitable for the local environment
  • Can be fastened close to the edge
  • No need for pre-drilling
  • No mushrooming
More Information
Size6 in.
Length16 ft.
BrandDURATION Moulding and Millwork
MaterialPolymers and Fly-Ash
Nominal Size1/2 x 6
Actual Size1/2 in. x 5-1/2 in.
Coverage for ½ x 6 siding with a 4 in. exposure: 5.33 sf. per 16 ft. board. To cover 100 sf. requires 18.75 16 ft. boards. Please read manufacturer's installation instructions.
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